4 Fresh Corn Recipes for Meatless Monday

corn risotto

As summer sadly moves towards its end, it’s time to make the most of what remains of our summer produce. But what’s perhaps the most fun about this in-between time, after the dog days of summer but just before apples and spice-scented fall, is that you can use summer’s bounty in new and intriguing ways. The fresh and simple salads you’ve been serving all summer can now be replaced with late summer fresh corn recipes that kick the flavors and textures of this summer ingredient up a notch. Here are four of our absolute favorites, perfect for your Meatless Monday table.

In the middle of August, this corn risotto would have been far too hot a dish to serve for supper, but now that fall is in the air, the creamy flavors of this dish are soothing and delightful. A great touch to this dish is that the corn cobs themselves are used to make the broth base, so all you get throughout the risotto is pure corn flavor.

zucchini pie

Casserole with zucchini and cheese in a baking dish via Shutterstock

Another contender in the warming evening dishes category is this corn and zucchini pie. The recipe combines summer vegetables with flavorful dried herbs and gooey mozzarella cheese. The result is somewhere between a crustless quiche and a casserole, but whatever you call it, you’re definitely going to need enough to serve seconds.

corn souffle

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The end of summer is the perfect time to try a corn soufflé. The dish itself requires you to heat up the kitchen a bit by turning on the oven, but the result is so light and fluffy you can enjoy it as part of an al fresco Meatless Monday meal. Cheddar cheese and a touch of cayenne pepper kick this version up a notch, but mostly what you’ll be tasting is the smooth, creamy consistency of sweet summer corn.

Succotash Recipe

Image: Laura Klein

A classic American dish, succotash is a great way to cook up not only summer corn but summer tomatoes as well. Our version benefits from a touch of green, either from fava beans, lima beans or edamame, as well as the piquant flavor of pecorino cheese.

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Corn risotto image via Shutterstock

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