4 Meatless Monday Egg Recipes for Dinner: Not Just for Breakfast!

Not Just for Breakfast! 4 Meatless Monday Egg Recipes for Dinner

Do eggs get relegated to the breakfast table in your house? Well you’re not alone, at least not Stateside. But in other countries, you’ll often find eggs not at breakfast but rather at dinner. For Meatless Monday, we’re bringing this complete vegetarian protein source into the spotlight with 4 delicious egg recipes for dinner, each with a different international inspiration.

Our first recipe comes all the way from China, where hundred-year eggs are a delicacy. These marbled tea eggs are far less pungent than the quicklime cured variety, but they’re just as aesthetically interesting. While traditionally, these eggs are eaten for Chinese New Year, they’re easy enough to make and enjoy on Meatless Monday; just be sure to give them enough time to soak in their spiced tea and soy marinade — between 5 hours and overnight should do the trick.


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This Middle Eastern shakshuka is the ideal recipe for anyone who’s scared of poaching eggs. Instead of precariously dropping the eggs into boiling water, here the eggs are cradled in a spicy stewed tomato sauce, flavored with harissa and paprika. The addition of Greek yogurt makes this recipe a complete and balanced meal.


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You’re already familiar with the Mexican tortilla, but the Spanish version is a chicken of a different color. In Spain, ordering a tortilla gets you not a thin flatbread but a hearty omelette stuffed with potatoes and onions. While the Spaniards tend to pair starch with starch and eat the potato omelette as a tapa atop a round of bread, we love serving wedges of the thick omelette alongside a green salad with a tangy vinaigrette instead.

tamago recipe

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They say a sushi chef can truly be deemed great by his tamago or omelette sushi, and this version is sure to make you a star amongst your friends. The slightly sweet omelette is usually served as the last morsel of sushi at the end of dinner; you can make a Meatless Monday sushi extravaganza with some vegetarian maki, but if you’re strapped for time, you could also serve the tamago nigiri after a hearty bowl of vegetarian udon soup.

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