4 Vegetarian Mexican Recipes to Make Meatless Monday a Fiesta!

4 Vegetarian Mexican Recipes to Make Meatless Monday a Fiesta!

Looking to heat up your kitchen on a cold January Monday? We’ve got just the thing — some delicious vegetarian Mexican recipes ideal for Meatless Monday. Whether you’re leaning more towards a Tex-Mex feel or you want to go all-out authentic with your Mexican dinner, we’ve got the perfect dishes to serve up on your family’s table.

The first is a classic of the Mexican cuisine commonly found in the United States — a burrito… but not just any burrito. This black bean and vegetable burrito is positively bursting with fresh flavors, from corn to fresh jalapeño chiles. Just the right amount of spice makes these burritos a hit with the whole family, and the protein found in the black beans makes them filling as well. Use your favorite flour or gluten-free tortilla, and assemble them right at the table.

5-Minute Vegetarian Taco Recipe with Avocado and Chihuahua Cheese

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Nothing is better than tacos for a super-quick yet delicious meal, and our five-minute tacos are no exception. This recipe uses shredded coleslaw mix, your favorite salsa, fresh avocado, and Mexican Chihuahua cheese for a taco that’s full of different flavors, textures, and colors. You can assemble these in the kitchen, or you can let your family build their own tacos with the toppings they like best.

4 Vegetarian Mexican Recipes to Make Meatless Monday a Fiesta!

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Refried beans are definitely a favorite with most Mexican food fans, but the use of lard as a main ingredient usually makes them a no-no for Meatless Monday. Not so with this spicy vegan refried beans recipe, which is just as full of richness as the original thanks to a generous amount of vegetable oil, just the right kick of garlic, and some tasty chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.

posole soup recipe

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Posole is a delicious comfort food dish made with hominy. Canned hominy works great for a quick-and-easy weeknight version of this soup, but dried hominy is an even better choice. You can find dried hominy in Mexican markets, and while it may involve a bit of soaking, the flavor and texture make a big difference. In this soup, hominy is combined with fresh tomatillos, puréed roasted vegetables, and tons of toppings including avocado, cilantro, and lime. It’ll soon become a new family favorite.

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