5 Mason Jar Snacks For All Day Energy

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I don't know about you, but I need to have an energy-amping snack stashed away on my person whenever I leave the house. The only problem is they always seem to get crushed in my bag (plastic baggies are worthless and wasteful!). Thankfully, I recently discovered that a Mason jar can be the perfect portable packaging for in-between meals.

A Mason jar can carry just the right amount of food and keep all your goodies safe, and secure. Need a few snack inspirations that easily fit inside a mason jar? We thought so. Here are five of our favorite mason jar snacks.

1. Simple scrumptious salad

Fill you mason jar with a heaping blend of crisp lettuces. Throw in some of your favorite veggies and a splash dressing. Screw the jar shut, shake the contents and enjoy this awesome salad on the go.

2. Funky fruit salad

Cut up your favorite fruits and berries, and enjoy a sweet snack when your stomach starts to rumble. For a seasonal twist: Cut up your favorite apple type and fill the top of the jar with almond butter.

3. Pumpkin bread on-the-go

Any type of quick bread works here, really. Just thinly slice a few pieces of this freshly baked bread and fill the top of the jar with organic peanut butter.

4. Hunger-slaying hummus jar

Chop up a cucumber, a carrot, celery, and any other crunchy veggie you adore, and throw the chopped mixture into the bottom of the jar. Then place some hummus in the top of the jar!

5. Pretzel and cheese delight

Throw in a mix of pretzels and sliced, hearty cheeses for a fun snack.

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On The Go: 10 Healthy Snacks That Fit In A Mason Jar

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