5 of the Best Craft Beers from Around the World


As craft beers become more and more popular, it’s no wonder that beer fans are seeking out their favorite brews overseas. Like wine, beer demonstrates the unique terroir of the place in which it was made, and the different tastes that have developed around the world make for hundreds of distinct beers. All-American beers are fantastic for your summertime cookouts, but reserve a place in your cooler for some of these best craft beers from around the world.

Beer styles are not universal, so even if you know what you like Stateside, international craft beers may surprise you. There’s a lot more to some of these beers than the label would have you believe. Trust your tastebuds to track down your favorite, but here are some of the best craft beers to get you started.

1. Belgium – Gruut White

Belgium is a famed beer country, known particularly for its Abbey and Trappist beers. While many American craft brews are made in the Belgian style, however, true Belgian beers may be less familiar in America. In Ghent, Gruut Gentse Stadbrouwerij makes five unfiltered craft brews using spices like coriander and orange.

The white beer made by this brewery is fruity, herbaceous and complex. The dry beer containing 5 percent alcohol is easy to drink in summertime, and the sweetness on the finish is welcome.

2. France – Corrézienne Floréal

Surprisingly, even in the country of wine, craft beer is taking off. Not only are craft beer bars opening all over the capital, but French brewers are trying their hands at some new styles.

The Floréal from a small brewery in the French Dordogne is a surprising, deeply rust-colored beer whose light flavor belies its darkness. Named for its floral aromas, the beer is fruity and slightly spicy, with notes of caramel apple and bread.

3. Germany – Schoppe Holy Shit IPA

Already famous for its beer, Germany has nevertheless pounced on the craft beer trend. Schoppe is one brewery giving creative names to its beers, like the Holy Shit, a double IPA with 10 percent alcohol content and an impressive bitterness. The adventurous craft beer isn’t one-dimensional, however; a fruity nose and slightly sweet flavor makes this an obvious favorite for fans of IPA.

4. Argentina – Barbaroja Lemon

Craft beer brewing has hit the southern hemisphere as well, particularly in Argentina. Barbaroja makes 12 different brews, but perhaps the best for this season is the Lemon. A light lager with lemon-lime juice added to it, this beer clocks in at a mere 2.5 percent alcohol content, making it easy to sip all afternoon. Despite its low alcohol content, it has a light, malty flavor that plays well off of the citrus.

5. Scotland – BrewDog

It’s no surprise that Scotland has joined the craft brew revolution. In fact, BrewDog brewery has been around since 2007. With just two employees, BrewDog is sold in more than 20 different bars throughout the UK, Europe and even as far as Brazil. The beers show good variety, with a preference for IPA, but the heather honey infused Scotch ale is one that really must be tried. Dogma combines 10 different types of malt with a 7.4 percent alcohol content and a sweet, toasty finish.

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