6 Eggcellent Ways to Use Leftover Egg Yolks (Spoiler: There’s Ice Cream!)

Persian Love Ice Cream

So you’re making a meringue or some other recipe that uses just the egg whites. You end up with a bowl of yolks and have no clue what to do. Try our six eggcellent ways (yes, including ice cream!) to use your leftover egg yolks in these wonderfully healthy recipes.

1. Ice Cream: This may be my favorite excuse to have leftover egg yolks. Ice cream! Try this Persian Love Ice Cream with saffron, rose petals and pistachios. Yum! Not your thing? How about Dairy-Free Double Chocolate?

2. Healthy Shakes & Smoothies: How about a healthy Pick Me Up Chocolate Shake? Or slurp down an Anti-Inflammatory Orange Julius or this Super K2 Smoothie. My personal favorite is Coconut Milk Egg Nog. (Note: It’s not necessary to freak about drinking raw egg yolk. Pastured farm fresh eggs are usually quite safe, even raw. If you’re immune system is compromised or you’re pregnant, consult your doctor first.)

3. Custard & Pudding: If custard or pudding is your thing, I have a bevvy of delicious recipes just for you. Dairy-Free Blackberry Brulee, Dairy-Free Family-Style Pumpkin Custard, Chocolate Mousse, Frozen Chocolate Custard or Dairy-Free Paleo Egg Nog Chia Pudding.

4. Hollandaise: Looking for something savory? Slather this Hollandaise Sauce on your own creation or the accompanying Hedonist’s Breakfast.

5. Beauty Masks: You can even use yolks to take care of your skin! Smear on these face masks, Rejuvenating Face Mask and Face and Body Scrub.

6. Freeze Them: Can’t make any of these recipes work today? Freeze your eggs for later.

Looking for more egg yolk masterpieces? Visit my Recipes that use Leftovers Pinterest Board.

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