12 Uses for Leftover Mashed Potatoes (Admit it, You Made Extra on Purpose)

Shepherds Pie

The holidays practically scream out for mashed potatoes on the feast table. But what do you do with your leftovers if you make too many? Don’t just eat boring leftover mashed potatoes day after day, try these 12 ways to use leftover mashed potatoes in delicious dishes.

1. Quicker Knishes: Skip a few steps in your favorite knish recipe and mix already cooked and mashed potatoes into the filling.

2. Potato Soup: Make a creamy potato soup with leftover mashed potatoes. Great on a cold night.

3. Irish Colcannon: Add some greens to the mix to make this healthy mashed potato dish that eats like a meal.

4. Potato Bread: Bread with potatoes mixed in is a healthy way to mix some extra vitamins, and extra softness, into your loaf.

5. Enchiladas or Quesadillas: Mix some mashed taters and beef or beans inside a corn tortilla and cheese it up for a yummy Mexican-inspired potato enchilada or quesadilla.

6. Samosas: If you’re a fan of Indian food, you probably know the beauty of these little gems, samosas. Make your own at home super quickly with leftover mashed potatoes.

7. Shepherd’s Pie: Mashed potatoes are crucial to shepherd’s pie. So having leftovers just makes your cooking time so much lower to enjoy this treat.

8. Cheesy Mashed Potato Puffs: These sound super fancy. But, once you have the mashed potatoes, these potato puffs are super simple to whip up.

9. Gnocchi: Pasta, made from mashed potatoes? Win!

10. Pierogies: I love pierogies. And they’re really not as tough to master as they seem. Promise.

11. Pancakes: Yeah, I went there. Mashed potato pancakes, baby. With cheese and chives. Yum.

12. Potato Cinnamon Rolls: Holy wow. Potato bread cinnamon rolls. Yes, please. These beauties are just as good as your favorite “plain” cinnamon rolls but have the added bonus of softer dough.

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