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6 Ways to Find Your Favorite Bottles of Wine

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Discovering a new favorite wine can be daunting. And honestly, there’s nothing worse than giving a new bottle a try and finding it’s too sweet, or too dry, or just too “yuck” for your palette (know what I mean?). That's why we’ve rounded up a few tips from around the web that are geared to help you find a new, favorite bottle of wine. Granted, you still may come home with a “dud” every now and then, but let’s just say the chances will be far less likely from now on.

1. While perusing wine racks, consider the "staff’s pick" choices

If a wine or liquor store has taken the time to make a “staff’s pick” section, then do yourself a favor and consult the heck out of it. These people obviously love wine just as much as you and probably know a lot more than you know about vino, too.

2. Buy in season

Watch for seasonal promotions. According to the article “Six Secrets to Finding Hidden Wine Gems,” national retailers often buy large lots of high-end wines from a favorable vintage for a discounted seasonal price.

3. Try a local bottle, or a new-to-you grape variety

Many states (and we’re talking states other than California) are starting to get into the wine game in a serious way. Each state typically has a grape variety that it grows well and is worth trying. If you need help figuring out which local wine to try, don’t hesitate to ask someone at the store for help.

Also, if you’re looking to try a new-to-you grape, venture outside your favorite grape variety’s wheelhouse (love a nice cab? Try a chardonnay) and purchase a bottle that’s between $15-20.

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4. An empty rack = yum

This is one of my easy, go-to ways for finding a new wine. I scan wine racks to find a wine row that’s missing the most bottles. If the wine-loving public likes it then it’s typically a good bet. This process hasn’t steered me wrong.

5. Read

Consult the back of the wine bottle for information about the wine’s importer. Search the store for other bottles with the same importer. Chances are you’ll dig those bottles of wine, too!

6. Consult your phone

This probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but there’s an app for finding wine. According to the article, “Find the Perfect Bottle of Wine with this App,”Blush, an iPhone app, merely asks you to answer a few questions about yourself (what occasion is the wine for, how much do you want to spend, etc.) and your tastes concerning wine. The app will take your answers and formulate wine suggestions (and include the locations of the local stores you can find the wine at). After you can drink it, rate it. Over time, this app will get to know your tastes and will continue to help you find new bottles.

Also: You can always consult Organic Authority for some stellar wine buying tips and bottle suggestions. Consult the following articles for just a few ideas:

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