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7 Organic and Sustainable Mixed Drinks Ingredients for Tasty Summer Cocktails

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Planning on making cocktails this summer? This is the perfect guide to mixed drinks ingredients for you. By now, eating organic might be second nature, but what about drinking? A lot of people down a cocktail without even thinking about what's in it, but if you're putting time and effort into sourcing your food, why not your spirits?

Nowadays, there are more and more people producing sustainable booze, from gin to tequila. Here's a roundup of some tasty organic spirits and mixed drinks ingredients sure to make your selection of summer cocktails as fun as they can be.

1. Prairie Organic Vodka

The special thing about this vodka is that it's distilled to taste rather than a prescribed number of times. Which means that each small batch has its on unique character, based upon the climate, soil and moisture levels that the corn was grown in. And if vodka isn't up your alley, they also make gin.

2. State 38 Reposado

Based in Golden, Colorado, State 38 makes a variety of spirits made from organic Fair Trade certified blue agave. No, this is not tequila, as it's not produced in the region around Tequila, Mexico. But that doesn't mean it's not worth a try. In a strawberry pomegranate margarita perhaps?

3. Bainbridge Heritage Organic Doug Fir Gin

Want a taste of the Northwest? Look no farther than the small batch distillery Bainbridge Organic Distillers. They make a doug fir gin that's essentially like bottling up a Pacific Northwest forest. But not only does it have doug fir in it; there are 10 organic botanicals in this gin, including whole licorice root and fennel seed.

4. Top of the Hill Carolina Moonshine Whiskey

Top of the Hill makes its whiskey with 100 percent organic wheat, which it sources locally. And if you're really into the whiskey thing, you can even pick up one of the Age Your Own Whiskey Kits so you can be your own distiller.

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5. Tequila Alquimia

When Dr. Adolfo Murillo took over his family ranch in Jalisco, Mexico, he knew that he wanted to farm his agave organically. The result is an award winning tequila which is bottled in recycled glass bottles, made by a family of glass blowers in Jalisco.

6. Woody Creek Distillers Signature Potato Vodka

Growing their own potatoes, Woody Creek Distillers has control over every element of their vodka production. Because they work together with the farm, the waste from their production goes back as compost, or to local ranchers as livestock feed.

7. CapRock Colorado Organic Gin

If you want to make a mixed drink with a good story, then make it with CapRock from Peak Spirits in Colorado. It's actually a farm distillery, on 70 acres of certified organic and biodynamic farmland. Twelve different fruits, flowers, seeds, and spices go into making the gin. The base spirit is made with apples from a farm five miles down the road, as well as organic winter wheat. You can feel really good about your gin and tonic now.

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