7 Paleo Recipes that Recreate the Comfort Food You Crave

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After a hard day of slogging through the “wintry mix” that is most of the U.S. right now, there’s nothing better than a big ol’ dose of comfort food. No, food shouldn’t be where we turn for emotional support (that’s what friends are for!). But there’s something about certain recipes that reminds us of home, childhood, and happy times. While many Paleo recipes are delicious, they don’t usually resemble the casseroles, meatloaves, and sides that we consider comfort food.

But with a little digging, I’ve found a wealth of Paleo recipes that make it easy to re-create the comfort food we crave without all of the sugar, grain, and dairy that we can’t eat. You’ll definitely want to stock up on the Paleo pantry supplies you’ll need to make a few of these before Polar Vortex part 2 lays siege to your part of the world.

7 Paleo Recipes that Recreate the Comfort Food You Crave

1. Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce -The go-to dish for picky kids (and adults). Skip the greasy, dried-out offerings found at fast food restaurants and make this Paleo version with almond flour, coconut, and homemade honey mustard instead. Serve with these baked zucchini french fries (sub almond flour) to complete the dish!

2. Mini Mexi-Meatloaves – I’ve tried more than a couple of Paleo recipes for meatloaf and this one holds the #1 spot. Forget the dry, ketchup covered stuff you choked down as a kid. This recipe is succulent, with just the right amount of spice.

3. Garlic Cauliflower “Mashed Potatoes” – What better to serve underneath your meatloaf (or on the side of any protein) than a heaping pile of creamy mashed faux-tatoes? This is one of those Paleo recipes you’ll want to use again and again.

4. “Spaghetti” and Meatballs – If there’s one thing that I secretly miss as a Paleo eater, it’s pasta. Tender noodles smothered in a big scoop of homemade sauce and savory meatballs. There are lots of Paleo recipes for this dish on the internet, but this one is especially easy and delicious.

5. Chicken Alfredo – Speaking of Paleo recipes for pasta dishes…this one is so good, it goes viral in Paleo circles once every month or so. Note: the sauce has a tendency to come out thick, so I recommend adding stock until it’s the consistency you like.

6. Shepherd’s Pie – This is a great one-dish meal for busy families. The main difference is cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes for the topping, although sweet potatoes work great too. My non-Paleo partner cleaned his plate without a word the first time I served it.

7. Pizza Spaghetti Pie – I know, it sounds bizarre, but the rave reviews for this dish from PaleOMG just keep coming. The flexible ingredient list makes it a good Paleo recipe for getting rid of odds and ends.

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