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9 Ingredients for Endless Winter Salads

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If you think "salad days" only come around in the summer, think again! You can still find enough fresh produce in winter to make interesting salads right through to spring.

  1.  Kale — You know we love kale around here, and it can be the basis for many marvelous salads, like this kale apple slaw with poppyseed dressing.
  2. Apples — A classic combo with kale (see above), apples also go great with citrus and beets, avocados, and walnuts in a classic Waldorf salad.
  3. Brussels Sprouts — Thinly shaved, these sprouts make a wonderful slaw or basis for a salad. They have a milder flavor than cabbage, with a fresh tang. 
  4. Pears — Paired (get it?) with spinach and Roquefort, pears are a classic addition to a winter salad.
  5. Cranberries — Fresh or dried, in the dressing or in the salad itself, cranberries add a wonderful sweet and sour note to salads of all kinds, like this broccoli cranberry salad.
  6. Broccoli — Speaking of broccoli, it shouldn't be relegated to the crudite plate. Raw or lightly steamed it makes a hearty addition to salads.
  7. Fennel — This lovely veggie with a slight liquorice flavor is a flavorful addition to green salads or a cruncy base for slaws all on its own. It pairs beautifully with oranges or apples.
  8. Citrus — In all they're glorious jewel-toned hues, citrus fruits are the gems of winter salads. Try a grapefruit and avocado salad.
  9. Beets — Beautiful beets give salads some serious heft. Whether roasted plain or pickled, beets bring sophistication of flavor to any plate.
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