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A Beginner's Guide to DIY Kefir Soda

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DIY kefir sodas are awesome, not only because of the probiotic health benefits of the drinks, but also because of what they help you avoid: the sugar-laden soft drinks at the grocery store. Making your own kefir soda is easy and inexpensive. Once you get your batch of kefir grains and brew your first pint of kefir soda you'll be hooked. The great news is, as long as you take care of your kefir grains, you'll never have to buy them again!

Simple Kefir Soda Recipe

Makes 1 quart


1/3 cup sucanat or other organic sugar
1 teaspoon molasses
1 slice lemon
spring water (or you can add trace mineral drops to your tap water)
Package of water kefir grains
Optional add-ins: raisins, cinnamon sticks, ginger, fresh fruits


Place the first three ingredients in a quart jar. Pour in water nearly to the top, leaving enough room for your kefir grains.

Put the lid on (preferably a plastic lid) and shake it up. Add water kefir grains. Now, instead of a plastic lid during fermentation, top it with a coffee filter or piece of cheesecloth secured with a canning ring.

Let it sit on the counter and ferment for about 48 hours, or until the drink is bubbly.

Pour your kefir into a new jar and either drink as-is or, if you like your drink sweeter, prepare a second fermentation.

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At this point, you can add your flavoring. Add in dried fruit like raisins, dates or cranberries. Add flavor-enhancers like cinnamon sticks or sliced ginger. You can even add in sliced fresh fruits.

Experiment and find out what you like! Cover (again with the coffee filter/cheesecloth method) and let it sit out for another 24 hours. Drink and enjoy your delicious homemade probiotic drink.

My favorite blend so far is a citrus kefir soda blend with lemon, lime and orange juice added during the second fermentation stage. That's a true thirst quencher. Yum! For something a little more festive try mixing kefir into our Spiced Apple-Ginger Sparkler instead of club soda.

Maintaining Your Water Kefir Grains

Once you've made your first batch of kefir soda, you'll want to maintain your kefir grains properly so you can use them for future recipes.

Rinse your grains after you've finished your kefir soda. Keep the grains in water and refrigerated between uses. When you're ready to use them again, mix the grains in with the sugar, molasses and water mixture and start the fermentation process all over again.

For more DIY Kefir Sodas ideas, check my Drinks Board on Pinterest.

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