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Image of three bottles of probiotics for kids, different brands in different colored bottles, with kids probiotic gummies and tablets spilling out
Are probiotics for kids safe? Read on to get the science.Credit: Organic Authority Studio
April 13, 2024
Probiotics for Kids — worth it? Expert RD explores the growing science, potential benefits, gummies vs. chewables, + if probiotics…
woman with beautiful skin in a jacket wearing sunglasses standing on top of a building looking over her left shoulder. Is taking probiotics for skin the secret to her healthy skin?
Credit: Image via Unsplash
January 22, 2024
We answer the question, ‘can taking probiotics really help your skin clear up?’ Read on to discover if a healthy…
christmas gift
Credit: Photo by Superkitina on Unsplash
November 30, 2021
Small-batch? Check. Organic? Check. Here are delicious gifts for conscious foodies.
prebiotics are the secret to gut health
March 9, 2020
Prebiotics. Here's how you can capitalize on their healing powers to catapult your way into better physical and emotional health.
5 Prebiotic-Rich Foods To Eat For a Healthy Gut (And Why You Need Them!)
February 20, 2020
Keep your gut healthy with a diet rich in prebiotic foods that promote a healthy gut microbiome. Here's why you…
Why the Secret to Your Mental Health is in Your Gut
Credit: iStock/ondine32
December 23, 2019
Clinical research shows that the brain-gut axis links physiological and psychological symptoms, and a healthy gut helps feed a healthy…
Probiotics Top 2019 Food Trend Predictions
Credit: iStock/alexialex
December 26, 2018
The gut-healthy microorganisms, frequently consumed in yogurt and supplements, are finding their way into shelf-stable foods this year.
Your Gut Needs Friendly Fungi
January 3, 2018
Your gut balance requires a healthy dose of probiotics, or good bacteria, but your microbiome also relies on friendly gut…
3 Bacteria-Infused Beauty Products to Restore Your Skin’s Microbiome
November 28, 2017
Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help keep skin balanced, moisturized, and healthy. These three products help reinstate normalcy to your…