15 (Edible!) Uses for Sour Raw Milk


Help end food waste by trying our 15 uses for sour raw milk. There’s absolutely no reason to toss raw milk, no matter how sour. Clabbered milk can be used as a 1:1 substitute in any recipe for buttermilk, yogurt or sour cream. The possibilities are endless. Get started with these 15 delicious uses for sour raw milk.

  1. Scramble it into your eggs or use in your favorite quiche recipe.
  2. Add it to smoothies as you would yogurt.
  3. Use it in egg custard pudding or egg custard pie.
  4. Make it into yogurt in your slow cooker.
  5. Use it in lieu of buttermilk for your favorite pancake, waffle or biscuit recipes.
  6. Use it to soak any bread batter and make your grains healthier.
  7. Use it to make cream cheese and whey by straining it through a cheese bag. The curds make cream cheese and the drained off liquid is whey.
  8. Skim the cream off of the top and use it as sour cream.
  9. Use it in your bathwater for milky soft skin.
  10. Make mozzarella cheese.
  11. Make ricotta cheese.
  12. Make cottage cheese or Indian paneer cheese.
  13. Use it in lieu of evaporated milk to make your favorite pumpkin pie recipe healthier!
  14. Dab the cold liquid on skin burns, rashes and even poison ivy to cool the itchy, burning sensation.
  15. Freeze it in pucks (with your silicone muffin tin) or cubes (in an ice cube tray) and toss it in recipes like smoothies later.

For even more uses for raw milk, check out my raw milk Pinterest board.

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