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Stop and EAT The Roses: 4 of Our Favorite Edible Rose Recipes


Roses may be a sweet gift to receive from the one you love, but they’re also a delight to eat. Fresh rose petals bring a floral flavor and great aroma to the recipes you use them in, and there’s really nothing to it! (And you can seek out organic roses at most markets and specialty florists if you’d like to avoid eating any chemical residue from the flowers.) Here are four of our favorite edible rose recipes for this spring season:

  1. CRYSTALIZE THEM: Try our recipe for crystallized flowers, and make your roses an edible garnish for cakes, tarts and cocktails.
  2. MAKE A ROSE-SPIKED COCKTAIL: Our recipe for rose-infused champagne is a must-have for your late spring brunch menus and patio evenings with the girls. Just add tea cakes and some dark chocolate, and your garden party is complete.
  3. INFUSE YOUR HONEYPOT WITH FRESH ROSES: Rose-infused honey is a wonderful aromatic and flavorful way to give all of your recipes calling for honey that special floral touch. Get the recipe for it here—it’s as simple as fresh rose petals and honey.
  4. CREATE SPA-WORTHY ROSEWATER. Rosewater can be used in recipes or enjoyed straight as it is. It’s especially nice used in batters for cookie dough, scones, pie crusts and tarts. Find our recipe for it right here.

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