Healthy Halloween Treats: Serve Up Fun, Delicious Scares

Healthy Halloween Treats: Serve Up Fun, Delicious Scares

Bakeries, grocery stores, and farmers markets are filled to the brim with pumpkin bread, cookies, and kettle corn this time of year. While all of those treats are mouth-wateringly good, they also are cringe-worthily high in calories. To help you better resist those bad-for-you treats, we’ve got 4 deliciously healthy Halloween treats that you can make and enjoy at home.

Healthy Halloween treats, spiders

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1. Halloween Falafel Spiders

We first wrote about these healthy Halloween treats back in 2013, but they are so awesome, we had to mention them again. All you have to do to pull off this recipe is make some falafel and cut up pepper slices (green, yellow, orange, or red will do), and use some sauce (we like hot sauce) to draw on eyes (or you can use olives). This recipe originally came from Veggie Belly.

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2. Popcorn Balls

I don’t care how old you are; popcorn balls are always one of the best healthy Halloween treats. This simple recipe from Organic Authority only contains four ingredients: popcorn, agave nectar, almond or peanut butter, and add-ins (dried fruit, sea salt, etc.).

Healthy Halloween treats, eggs

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3. Deviled Eyeballs

I’ve got to admit that this is probably my favorite healthy treat on this list. It’s fun, totally creepy, and it’s easy to make (it’s also packed with protein). All you need to pull off these bloodshot egg “eyeballs” is guacamole, lime juice, salt, red pepper, olives, paprika, and mayonnaise. Who knew eyes could be so tasty?

Healthy Halloween treats, bowl of veggies

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4. Creepy Crudités Platter

We know that sliced veggies are boring party fare. But we swear: These sliced and diced vegetables are anything but mundane. The Creepy Crudités spread comes from Fork and Beans. It contains all sorts of creepy characters, such as cucumber eyeballs and carrot “witches” fingers.

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