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Host an Ooey Gooey Grilled Cheese Party


Throw a grilled cheese party this winter with your best buddies, and even the four feet of snow outside won’t be able stop you from having a cozy time indoors. They’ll bring the cheeses, you’ll supply the rest.

Just print out this checklist as your pre-party planning guide, and your grilled cheese party will be the tastiest talk of the town.

Hosting tips:
• Cheeses can get expensive, so have everyone bring their own. Assign different cheeses to different guests to assure there’s a large variety.
• You’ll provide the assorted breads (especially rye, sourdough, gluten-free and pretzel bread), meats (thinly sliced), and fruits/veggies.
• Prepare decorative bowls and plates for each ingredient—if you don’t have any at home, hit a thrift shop up to get cute vintage wares at a cheap price.
• Remember the kid classic combo, grilled cheese and tomato soup? Reinvent it for the adult years by serving up large pitchers of Bloody Marys for your party. Better yet, make Bloody Mary Soup by swirling vodka into a yummy warm tomato soup.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Ingredient list for gourmet grilled cheese combos (think savory meets sweet):
• Prosciutto & gruyere
• Apple & Swiss
• Pear & Fontina
• Strawberries & gruyere
• Roasted peppers & mozzarella
• Pulled pork & cheddar
• Fig jam & Fontina

Choosing a healthy moomoo:
No, I don’t mean what Grandma used to wear in the ‘60s. I’m talking milk. Recent research has shown that organic milk is healthier than conventional milk, so urge your guests to opt for organic cheeses. If they can’t find or afford organic cheeses, buy rBGH-free (hormone-free) cheese as a second best. Happy cow equals healthy food equals happy and healthy people.

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