Scratch the Pam: Make Your Own Organic Cooking Spray

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You’re in the zone cooking up a storm… or cooking dinner anyway. A fresh salad sits ready on the table. Your main dish cooks in the oven. Veggies sizzle while you sauté them in your favorite cast iron skillet. Only your perfect meal quickly takes a turn. Suddenly those veggies start to develop an all-too-close relationship with the bottom of the pan. They stubbornly stick no matter your efforts to pry them loose and quickly turn into a brown clump that refuses to budge.

Bummer. Unless you use nonstick pans (which you shouldn’t!), foods tend to fasten like glue to the bottom of the pan. Even in glass, cast iron or stainless steel cookware, foods tend to stick unless you properly grease it up.

You could use a store-bought cooking spray to keep from getting in this sticky situation, but you might as well just spray your food with unnecessary additives and chemicals. Some conventional cooking spray brands contain those cryptic "natural and artificial flavors," preservatives and other additives. Try this organic, homemade cooking spray instead. It couldn’t be easier to make!


From the Organic Authority Files

Olive oil



Mix together five parts oil to one part water. Pour the mixture into a food-safe spray bottle. (Glass works best!) Spritz the mixture onto your pots, pans and baking dishes whenever you need to keep your food from sticking!

Wondering why you should use this cooking spray instead of just coating your pan in olive oil? You can of course do the former; this recipe just makes an-easy-to-use spray that you can quickly mist over your pots and pans. The water in the recipe basically acts as a vehicle to propel the oil out of the bottle. This cooking spray is especially great for baking!

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