Meatless Monday: 4 Champagne Recipes


New Year’s arrives in just a few days; get the celebrations started a bit early with these delicious Champagne recipes. Champagne can be used in far more than cocktails; try out these delicious vegetarian Champagne recipes for your Meatless Monday meal.

swiss fondue

Image: Julien29

Use Champagne in a savory dish like this Champagne wild mushroom fondue. Champagne adds a touch of finesse to this fondue recipe, which combines wild mushrooms with an assortment of French cheeses like brie, gruyère and emmental. Served with baguette for dipping, it’s a great, easy, festive Meatless Monday meal and perfect served with a glass of Champagne!


Image: zerohound

These little appetizers are perfect for a New Year’s party. Champagne jelly is made with pectin and combined with brie cheese. Wonton wrappers form the crispy shell for these brie bites with Champagne jelly. A couple alongside a salad makes a great meal, but they’re also excellent as an easy-to-make passed hors d’oeuvre.

Credit: Image by Sheri Giblin.

A granita is a delicious cocktail, and this ginger Champagne granita, is perfect for New Year’s. A touch of spice from the ginger makes it a special occasion drink, but it’s easy enough to make to have one as a simple afternoon snack with a brioche.

fruit soup

Image: Bangin

This Champagne fruit soup is perfect for dessert. Champagne forms the base for this sparkling soup, with peaches, apples and ginger. Mint and orange juice add just the right amount of flavor and freshness. What a fantastic way to end a special occasion meal.

Top Image: Sebastian Fischer

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