Meatless Monday Roundup: 4 Savory Soup Recipes

korean nukalguksu noodles

Is there anything more satisfying, more savory, more scrumptious than a bowl of steamy soup? Granted, we’re nearing the end of February, but in most parts of the U.S., people are still dealing with ice, snow, slush, and other meteorological phenomenon that are sometimes best confronted with comfort food — our Meatless Monday soup recipes offer just that.

So many soup recipes include meat broths for no good reason. Not that we’re saying a good bone broth isn’t a sublime addition to your dinner, but when it comes to Meatless Monday, we’re definitely taking advantage of vegetables, and in these soups, there’s so much flavor from purely plant-based ingredients that the broth won’t be missed at all.

Our first option is a Korean noodle soup known as yachae kalgusku (pictured above). While many Korean soups do include meat, particularly pork, this version of the traditional recipe is made entirely vegetarian. Similar in inspiration to Chinese hand-cut noodles, these “knife-cut” noodles float in a veggie stock flavored with ginger. Potato and zucchini are all they need for a bit of flavor and color. So slurpable!

black bean soup

Image: Emily Monaco

Black bean soup is so simple to throw together, there’s really no excuse not to make it. This version gets spiced up with some Mexican flavors, including cumin and coriander as well as a creamy topping of avocado. A squeeze of lime is all this soup needs to help cut through its richness and make it a bright addition to any winter table.

sweet potato soup

Image: Cary Bass-Deschenes

There are as many recipes for sweet potato soup as there are people who like sweet potatoes, which is why we were so drawn to this version: a Thai sweet potato soup bursting with a variety of flavors from coconut to Thai curry to ginger. Any nut will make a nice, crunchy topping to contrast with the soup’s creaminess — try pad Thai classic peanuts or even rich cashews as a garnish for this soup.

Soup's On for Meatless Monday! 4 Delicious Vegetarian Soup Recipes

Photo Credit: glowkitchen

Very little is more satisfying and comforting than a hearty bowl of lentil soup. Filling and warming, this protein-rich soup is also full of flavor. Our recipe includes not only green lentils but black-eyed peas and chickpeas, not to mention everyone’s favorite leafy green — kale. The soup is flavored with garlic, cumin, a touch of tomato, basil and oregano. A big punch of flavor for a soup that, at the end of the day, is not only easy to make but easy on the wallet.

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