4 Finger Food Recipes to Make Meatless Monday Special (and Easy!)

gazpacho verrine finger food recipes

As the weather gets warmer, sitting down to a big, hot meal doesn't necessarily seem all that appetizing. But that doesn't mean that you can't still cook a delicious dinner for yourself and your family. We love serving up finger food recipes as the weather gets hotter -- they take advantage of seasonal produce and make it easy to eat as much or as little as you like. They're also perfect for having company over, either for dinner or just for drinks and a few bites. Choose one or several of these finger food recipes to whip up for your next Meatless Monday meal.

Gazpacho is a summertime classic you may often see it served in a bowl. But in Spain, it's far more often served in a glass. These gazpacho verrines are super refreshing to sip, and they're also chock full of nutrients. Be sure to use the freshest produce available to have a gazpacho that's as flavorful as possible.

fava bean bruschetta

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While bruschetta are perhaps more commonly topped with tomatoes, this arugula and fava bean bruschetta is just as worthy of a spot on your table. The purée topping the garlic-rubbed baguette rounds is seasoned with lemon, Parmesan, and just a touch of white wine, for a brightly-flavored crostini that's very moreish in flavor and vibrant on the plate.

summer rolls

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It may seem tough to come up with gluten-free finger food ideas, but these veggie-filled summer rolls really fit the bill. Rice noodles, avocado, veggies, and sprouts make up the filling for these rolls, which you can serve with a peanut dipping sauce (recipe provided) or with the sauce of your choice: tamari, yuzu, even a ginger-carrot dressing. Cut the rolls into bite-sized pieces to make them even easier to dip and enjoy.


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These delicious polenta bites are filled with flavor thanks to the addition of rosemary, basil, garlic, and the very best blue cheese you can find. The resulting bites are perfect for dipping into the easy homemade lemon aioli that accompanies them. If you're making these for a crowd, simply reserve the prepared bites in a warm oven until ready to serve.

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