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Cool Off with 12 Refreshing and Seasonal Cucumber Recipes

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My kids and husband are such insane cucumber addicts that I barely get to eat any myself. And I'm the vegetarian in the family! We finally wised up and planted two containers of cucumbers this year. But, I digress. If you're a huge cucumber fan like they are, try a few of our 12 favorite refreshing cucumber recipes.

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From the Organic Authority Files

  1. Cucumber Dill Tea Sandwiches: Cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches are a classic. Our version spices up these tiny triangles with cider vinegar, dill and dry mustard. Yum!
  2. Warm Tomato and Cucumber Salad: Move over cold tomatoes and cucumber. Try our grilled version marinated with Italian dressing.
  3. Pickles: Cucumber season wouldn't be complete without pickling! These half-sour pickle recipes (one refrigerated for now and one canned for later) will get your pickling started out right.
  4. Garden Fresh Delish Relish: Whether you like them sweet and spicy or just plain sweet, try one of these two garden fresh cucumber relish recipes this season. 
  5. Southern Chow-Chow Green Tomato Relish: While green tomatoes are the star of this relish, the cucumbers are an excellent sidekick. This southern classic is great atop biscuits, burgers, hot dogs or even crab cakes.
  6. Cucumber and Tomato Sandwich with Avocado-Cream Cheese Spread: This simple vegetarian sandwich combines three summer favorites--cucumber, tomato and avocado--to make the perfect lunch or snack. Or you can use the avocado-cream cheese spread on any sandwich to add a little zip.
  7. Mexican Cucumber Salad: Combine cucumbers, tomatoes and corn with a little cilantro and jalapeno for this simple cucumber salad with a slightly spicy kick.
  8. Creamy Cucumber Vegetable Dip: Cream cheese, yogurt, cucumbers and a hint of dill make this dip a kid favorite. Add the jalapenos to kick it up a bit for adults. 
  9. Tacos with Cucumber Lime Salsa: I make these tacos with mock beef and beans, but the cucumber lime salsa is the key to deliciousness. Make your tacos with your favorite meat or beans.
  10. Cucumber Tomato Pasta: Cucumber and tomato salad is a huge favorite in the summertime, so why not add the mix to noodles for a full vegetarian meal?
  11. Tzatziki Sauce: This Greek favorite made with cucumbers and yogurt is great for cooling off spicy foods or for adding an extra layer of yum to any sandwich.
  12. Make Fizzy Cucumber Lemonade: Combine soda water with homemade lemonade and cucumbers for this fizzy treat. It's so refreshing you'll want to forgo the soda. Or, try cucumber lemon basil water or one of these three other cool cucumber drinks.

Looking for more on the incredible cucumber? Learn to grow cucumbers two different ways and check out these DIY cucumber recipes for summer sun skin care.

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