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Ridiculously Simple 2-Ingredient Recipe Round-Up

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What's the deal with two-ingredient recipes? We don't know, but they're all the rage around the interwebs these days. Some are super healthy (like banana-flax crackers) some... less so. But they're all kind of fun and kitschy for what they are. We've rounded up our favorites.

  • chocolate + water = instant chocolate mousse
    Apparently, the trick to this is to use really good dark chocolate. Sugar is optional.
  • eggs + maple syrup = maple souffles
    These might be good for an easy breakfast treat.
  • bananas + flax seeds = banana flax crackers
    The original author put jam on these and ate them for breakfast... But I bet they'd be good with cheese, too.
  • Nutella + eggs = flourless chocolate hazelnut cake
    I don't care what you say; there's no bad here.
  • dates + coconut butter = coconut cookie dough bites
    I love this girl's (admittedly, slightly weird) recipes, so I'm sure these would be just as tasty.
  • peanut butter + white chocolate candy melts = peanut butter fudge
    Fudge isn't that hard to make in the first place, but this would be fast.
  • chocolate chips + coconut oil = DIY magic shell
    I have everything I need to make this right now. (Except the ice cream to put it on. DANG IT!)
  • Greek yogurt + self-rising flour = pizza dough
    Apparently you can also turn this into a passable focaccia-style flatbread as well.
  • garlic hummus + cooked broccoli = creamy garlic broccoli
    Anything to make broccoli not boring! 
  • ice cream + self-rising flour = ice cream cake
    Somehow, the idea of melting ice cream to put it in something else just feels wrong.
  • coconut flakes + sweetened condensed milk = coconut macaroons
    I don't understand how these stick together, but I'm just going to go with it. 
  • buttermilk + self-rising flour = buttermilk biscuits
    Yes. Just, yes.
  • bananas + rolled oats = banana oatmeal cookies
    I've heard mixed messages on these... The jury's still out.
  • dates + oats = energy bars
    Kind of like Lara bars, right?
  • spice cake mix + pumpkin puree = pumpkin muffins
    OK. A little sweet and chewy. 

From the Organic Authority Files

The only one I've tried are the pumpkin muffins, and they were certainly easy! (Though, a little too sweet for my taste.) I have a friend who swears by the yogurt pizza dough. Have you tried any of these (or others)? What did you think?

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