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Spice It Up: Organic Orange Spiced Tea


Fall isn’t just for the pumpkins and apples. Why not mix up all of that pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin butter, baked apples, apple pie and apple cider you’ve been chowing down on with an orange or two? You’ve got to be getting tired of those two autumn staples by now, right? Even for you I-will-put-pumpkin-into-every-meal-until-January diehards, throwing an orange into your diet might just hit the spot. Don’t worry, you can still eat that pumpkin hummus.

We may associate oranges’ sweet, citrusy flavor with the summer season, but it can work equally well with fall dishes. And oranges are in season. No, you didn't misread. This citrus is available year-round because various varieties grow during each season. Some autumn and winter varieties include Clementines, naval oranges and satsumas. With these easy-to-find orange varieties at your local market, why not add a little citrus to your life this fall?

After you’ve finished digging into one of those sweet, juicy fruits, don’t toss the peel into the compost bin. With the addition of a few spices, you can turn that orange peel into a scrumptious, homemade tea. Yay for reusing! The orange peel will enliven your senses, giving you an energy boost. While the musky, aromatic cloves in this recipe will add texture and just a hint of peppery cinnamon will dance on your tongue.

For this recipe, use only organic oranges, as conventional oranges often contain pesticide residue, especially on the peel. Conventional oranges are often injected with food dye to enhance their color, too. 

Orange Spiced Tea Recipe (adapted from

Serves 4. Makes 4 cups of tea.


4 cups boiling water?

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From the Organic Authority Files

Peels from 2 organic oranges

10 whole organic cloves?

2 organic cinnamon sticks


Add all ingredients to an insulated pitcher.

Steep for 5 to 6 minutes.

Strain the mixture, serve and garnish with fresh lemon or orange slices.

Want to make this tea even more delicious? Serve it with our Organic Cranberry Tea Spice Cake.

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