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4 Seasonal Recipes Staring Summer's Plentiful Produce


Seasonal fruit and vegetable favorites are here (or will be soon!). There’s nothing better than eating the fresh, seasonal foods you miss during the long, cold winter months. Take advantage of seasonal produce while the getting is good! Not only are they good for you and full of flavor, fruits and veggies are low in fat and can be the star of your meal. 

The next time you have your arms filled with fresh fruit or vegetables this summer, consider making one of the following recipes.

Green Bean Stew (Taze Fasulye)

This recipe from OA writer, Jill Ettinger, is called Taze Fasulye, a Turkish stew. It’s the perfect dish to make using the season’s beans and tomatoes.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Zucchini Ribbons and Ricotta Pizza

Try this tasty, light pizza from Grab a Plate. It's perfect to serve during the hot summer temps. Zucchini is the main topping for this pie, so now you’ll have something else to make with the abundance from your garden besides muffins and bread.

Chilled Strawberry Soup

Another OA summer favorite is this recipe for chilled strawberry soup. Yes, you read that right. Perfect for breakfast or a light lunch served with a green salad, this soup will definitely catch you off guard -- in a good way. The summer’s strawberries work perfectly in this unconventional, fruity soup.

Summer Fruit Kebabs

Grilled fruit? Definitely! Whether you serve these fruit kebabs as a special breakfast or brunch, or maybe move them to dessert, your guests will love this recipe. Marinate them first, then move them to the grill. You’ll soon be serving up plates of fruit-grilled goodness.

Image: Patricia Conte

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