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5 Superfood Snacks for the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is America's most watched, and most beloved sporting event. (As it should be...right, Steeler Nation?) You simply cannot treat this occasion with the same energy you would a regular season game or a lesser sport. No, for the Super Bowl, you need Super Snacks.

It's no secret that people love a good Super Bowl party, but hopefully they like great food, too—food that offers more than boring old chips, dips and pizza, which just don't measure up. Incorporate some of these superfoods into your game-time noshing and watch the day transform, no matter who wins (as long as it's the Pittsburgh Steelers).

Olives and Nuts: Both are loaded with minerals, amino acids and good fats. Try soaking almonds in water for a few hours so they plump up. Pair with a good kalamata olive, and you've got a super delicious heart healthy snack.

Avocado: This fatty fruit is the king when it comes to the only acceptable dip: Game Time Guacamole. It's an incredible source of healthy omega fats and more than 20 essential nutrients great for the heart, hair, skin and digestion. Mash your ripe avocado, add some fresh-squeezed limejuice, some heat from a diced jalapeno and top with chopped cilantro.

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Spinach: No game snacking would be complete without football sandwiches. Whether you're experimenting with vegan mock meats or roasting vegetables for your sandwiches, top with layers of spinach instead of lettuce. It is loaded with vitamins including A, C, E and K. One serving boasts approximately 5 grams of protein. It's powerful antioxidants have also been linked to cancer prevention, and the vitamin K levels support bone health.

Beer: Well, duh. Like it would be a Super Bowl party without it. But good news out of Spain, where recent research shows that moderate beer consumption can cut the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure and contribute to weight loss. It's especially beneficial when paired with the Mediterranean diet, a.k.a. those olives, almonds and spinach.

Chocolate: The cocao bean is a great antioxidant, and has been linked to heart health and slews of other super benefits. And chocolate can boost your mood, creating the same feelings as being in love, which is really good news, because someone is going to lose the Super Bowl, Wisconsin.

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