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Tea for Two: Celebrate Mother's Day with High Tea

image: Claire Sutton


Throw a cute afternoon tea party for your mom this Mother’s Day. Putting in the effort to make her a classic high tea complete with steaming hot tea and tasty tea sandwiches, scones and petite desserts will mean so much more than a card. And it really isn’t difficult. Promise.

Ask her to come to the party dressed to the nines. Fancy hat included. After all how often do you get all gussied up? You two can giggle at the primness of it all, while secretly enjoying it. You know you will.

Follow these simple tips to create an elegant afternoon tea party that your mother will absolutely adore. Guaranteed.

Set the stage

image: Jus Cowland Photography


Simple décor will add an elegant mood to the tea party.

Arrange your tea party on a small table, preferably outdoors.

Layer a cotton, linen or lace tablecloth over the table. It will instantly create a classy effect. You can get as frilly or as minimalist as you want. Since this isn’t your everyday party, I say go all out on the ruffles and girly colors.

Next, set the table. Lay out a fork, knife and spoon. Make sure they’re all shined up. Then set out a dainty teacup and saucer for you and your mom. If you don’t own any teacups, you can easily find pretty ones for cheap at flea markets or antique stores. If they’re mismatched, all the better. Make sure to place a container filled with sugar or sugar cubes on the table. (This party is not the time to worry about your waistline. Indulge a little.)

Folding cloth napkins into stunning shapes will complete your fancy table. Search the Web for how-to videos to create these napkin folds: “bird of paradise,” “fleur de lis” or the “standing fan.” Don’t get discouraged by these origami-like napkin folds. You’ll get it down after a few tries, and your mom will be super impressed by your newfound skills. Position your folded napkins in between the fork and knife, where a plate would usually rest.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Finish off the look by placing a vase filled with fresh cut flowers on the table. Or use one of these eco-chic containers you probably already own to display flowers.

Whip together tasty treats

image: portmanteaus


High tea usually includes three different delights: tea sandwiches, scones and petite desserts.

Tea sandwiches
Assemble one or all of Organic Authority’s scrumptious tea sandwich recipes. They may be dainty, but they’re packed with flavor. Be sure to cut off the crusts and slice them into small pieces. Try our, Cucumber Dill Tea SandwichesSmoked Salmon and Radicchio Tea Sandwiches, and the Tomato, Bacon, Avocado with Arugula Pesto Tea Sandwiches. They're all delicious!

No high tea is complete without light, yummy scones. Try our Irish Brown Scones. Serve them English-style with jam and clotted cream.

Petite desserts
Finally, the best part: dessert! High tea is all about dainty goodies. Whip together our gorgeous Organic White Chocolate Rosewater Cupcakes. Use a mini cupcake pan to create teeny tiny cupcakes. Display these sweet morsels on a cake stand or several pretty plates.

Have a spot of tea

image: Claire Sutton


The highlight of the tea party is, of course, the tea. Snag a few different flavors of organic loose leaf tea from your local health food store. I particularly like vanilla-flavored tea. Its simple flavor goes well with the combination of sweet and savory foods served at high tea.

Serve your tea in a china teapot. Be sure to place small amounts of tea at a time in the pot, so the tea doesn’t go cold too quickly.

Now sit back, pop a few tasty morsels in your mouth and sip some tea with your mom this Mother’s Day. Remember to raise your pinky.

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