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10 Romantic Foods for a Surefire Nightcap

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Many people say that the greatest two pleasures in life are eating and sex. Food has been tangled up with romance ever since the first caveman offered a hunk of charred wooly mammoth to his cavewoman in hopes of winning her heart (or at least her body).

Even today the dating standard includes dinner, drinks or at least coffee, proving that the stomach-to-heart connection is as strong as ever. Celebrate your love with the following romantic foods and you will feed your heart as well.

  1. Peaches. Whether it’s the naughty shape or the succulent image of orange nectar as it drips down your lover’s chin, the peach is a sexy fruit that brings to mind carefree summer days in the sunshine. Choose a peach that has a strong aroma and gives slightly to a soft touch. Slice it and eat fresh, preferably in bed while naked.
  2. Raw Oysters. Known as an aphrodisiac for many centuries, oysters were loved by the ancient Romans, who fattened them up with wine and pastries before consuming them in mounds at decadent parties. Fresh, briny and somehow suggestive, just thinking about a plate full of raw oysters can get your engines going. Try them with lemon juice or a hint of wasabi for an extra kick.
  3. Whipped cream. Dairy fat and sugar come together in this divine dessert topper that plays well with chocolate, fruit, pies, cakes and just about any delicious treat you can think of. Get creative with this fluffy treat and try it in your hot drinks, on your breakfast or even – on your lover!
  4. Cheese fondue. Rich and creamy, a dinner of cheese fondue is not a meal to be rushed through, but rather savored over a long and lingering evening with someone whose company you truly enjoy. Melt your favorite cheeses, bust out the long forks and enjoy with pieces of bread and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Wine. The “bottled poetry” of fermented grape juice turns everyone into a hopeless romantic. Stoics become saps who pine over the moon, and simple dinner tables become the backdrop for universe-confirming conversation. Find your favorite bottle, pair with your favorite friend and sit back to watch the sparks fly!
  6. Anything eaten outside. Picnics shouldn’t be romantic, with all the bugs and mud and potential for inclement weather. For some reason, however, the effort it takes to eat outside makes it impossibly romantic and obviously special. Pack a basket or a bag and have a dinner to remember – outside!
  7. Banana. How did the banana, an elementary school favorite, make the list of most romantic foods? Eat one in front of your lover – or anywhere in public – and you will quickly discover that the banana is indeed a very naughty little fruit. Peel the rind back slowly and enjoy.
  8. Pesto Pasta. Italian dulce vita combines with fresh basil to make pesto pasta a very romantic dish to be shared between lovers. Fragrant basil was regarded as a royal herb and headache cure by the ancient Greeks, and is still used the world over to “promote circulation” (wink wink).
  9. Avocados. With a voluptuous shape, avocados bring to mind the feminine form, but throughout history this dark green fruit has been associated with male virility. In the Aztec empire, female virgins were not allowed outside during the avocado harvest, and the potent fruit was formerly banned in Spain by Catholic priests. You can enjoy this lusty fruit for yourself sliced fresh or smeared in a big batch of guacamole.
  10. Chocolate. Of course, the most romantic food in the entire world is chocolate. An essential food group for many humans, especially women, chocolate lights up the same pleasure center in your brain as sex and smoking marijuana. So go ahead and indulge with a quality brand that uses fair trade, organic cocoa beans. Pure bliss!
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