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9 of The Best Foods to Eat for Skin that Glows


glowing complexion doesn't come from the right foundation, bronzer or even from the right lighting. Because really beautiful skin runs anything but skindeep. For what is the skin but an outer reflection of your inner workings? A healthy glow comes from a healthy body filled with healthy foods. Probably not a huge shocker, but maybe it's time to look at things before you eat them and ask, "what would my skin do?"

Looking at beauty - and attaining it - from within is not a new concept, but it certainly seems to be an underappreciated one. Give it the attention it deserves half as much as you do to external solutions and you'll be well on your way to eating yourself gorgeous. 

Radishes: Radishes are the only mainstream food high in both of the beauty minerals sulfur and silica, and one of the best vegetable sources of Vitamin C. The three work synergistically to make your skin glow and help with healthy connective tissue formation.

Flax & Hemp Seeds: Both are complete proteins and sources of essential fatty acids like Omega 3s that help maintain cell membranes, allowing water and nutrients in, while simultaneously keeping toxins out. They also protect skin against sun damage and help prevent wrinkes. 

Sea Vegetables: With a capacity to provide concentrated minerals in easily assimilated form like no other food out there, seaweeds will improve the texture and appearance of skin and hair. They also include alginic acid, a substance known to absorb and remove toxins from the body, making them a stellar detox food during cleansing. 

Vegetables: Organic green-leafy and other vegetables are essential for maintaining great health overall, and that includes what radiates externally. A rotating veritable potpourri of local, colorful and organic vegetables will keep you radiant for a lifetime. 

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Cacao Beans (Raw Chocolate): All chocolate is made out of the cacao bean, or chocolate nut. It contains flavanols, a group of flavonoids, that have been shown to improve the skin's appearance by decreasing sensitivity to light. Flavanols also increase blood flow to the skin, improving skin structure and texture. Dark chocolate also contains flavonoids, but not quite as much as pure cacao. 

Spirulina: Rich in amino acids and beta carotene, this blue-green algae contains many of the B vitamins and trace minerals that may be depleted through illness or stress. Spirulina can be taken in capsules or as a powdered supplement mixed with water, juice or smoothies.

Papaya: Containing a breadth of vitamins, antioxidants, trace minerals, folates, fiber and more, all the goodness in papayas combines synergistically for overall health. 

Avocado: Rich in minerals and high in vitamin A, E and the Bs, avocado is an antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-wrinkle powerhouse that keeps skin nourished and young.

Water: Stay hydrated, for dehydration makes the skin appear dull, rough and older regardless of what you're eating!

Couple this skin-loving fare with our Skin Care: 8 DIY Recipes for More than Just a Pretty Facefor the total package. 

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