11 Compelling Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol (At Least for a Little While)

how to stop drinking

Has the idea of cutting back on alcohol crossed your mind lately? If you want to discover how to stop drinking, you must first understand why you should consider stop drinking.

11 Reasons to Give Up Alcohol

  1. You’ll have more money. Whether you only drink alcohol with your meals or on nights out with your friends, those $10 cocktails can really add up. Keep track of all your alcohol expenditures to understand how much you’re really spending.
  2. You’ll stop getting alcohol-induced headaches. Admit it: more often than not, drinking alcohol gives you a headache. From minor pains to full-blown migraines, consuming alcohol can really make your head pound.
  3. You’ll quit flooding your body with empty calories. Booze is packed with calories, and drinking alcohol makes you less likely to eat healthy and more likely to nosh on nachos, French fries, and anything else you can get your hands on.
  4. You won’t keep waking up feeling like crap the next day. Maybe you don’t do shots or sit at the bar for hours, but even a small amount of alcohol can make you feel bad the next day. Fuzzy. Lethargic. Imagine never having a hangover again.
  5. Your liver will be healthier. A recent study cited by NPR revealed that giving up alcohol for just one month decreased participants’ liver fat (a precursor to liver damage) by at least 15 percent. Some fell by 20 percent.
  6. You’ll be less likely to get diabetes. The same study saw participants’ blood glucose levels fall by 16 percent, just by abstaining from alcohol for one month. Blood glucose levels are a key factor when determining your risk for diabetes.
  7. You will inspire your friends to cut back, too. If drinking is a common occurrence at most of your social activities, you might be worried how your friends will perceive you if you don’t indulge. But chances are, there’s someone else in your circle of friends who is wondering how to stop drinking or cut back, too. You could give them the strength they need to say no.
  8. You’ll no longer beat yourself up for drinking too much and for wasting so much money on booze. Instead, you will marvel at your self-control, increased energy, and renewed zest for life.
  9. You’ll sleep better. Alcohol can disturb your sleep. Poor sleep patterns may contribute weight gain, an increased risk of heart disease, and a weakened immune system.
  10. You’ll find healthy new ways to relax and have fun that do not involve alcohol. Meet friends at the park, not the bar. Go for a walk at the end of the work day, not for a glass of wine. Relax with painting or poetry. Spend your free time doing activities that nourish your soul.
  11. Need one more reason to stop drinking alcohol? Because you’re reading this article. This probably means that there is a little voice in the back of your head saying: “Maybe you should stop drinking.” Listen to it.

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