3 Beauty Benefits of Coffee: Not Just a Pick-Me-Up!


For many of us, when it comes to coffee, there is no compromise – it’s a daily must that flicks the “on” switch for the brain every morning or plucks us out of that mid-day slump. So when it’s reported that coffee can actually do our bodies some good, we rejoice. Instead of caffeine-shaming yourself, embrace the bean! These benefits of coffee however are all about beauty, and are just what you need to know to better justify some more Jo in your life.

There are many conflicting claims backed by reputable research studies around the benefits of coffee and whether it’s a good or bad beverage. Coffee is indeed a bundle of contradiction. They key is to strike a comfortable balance – drinking just enough for a the benefits but not so much that you go into overdose mode and start to feel negative symptoms. If you consume coffee regularly, and not in excess, it turns out that coffee isn’t so bad for you after all and can even help you lose weight (you burn about 15 percent more calories per a workout if you drink coffee prior to it).

Perhaps even more encouraging is the fact that coffee can actually make you more beautiful. Now don’t go chugging the stuff, but a moderate consumption of coffee, or straight up applying it to your skin, can clear your complexion and keep you looking young.

Beauty Benefits of Coffee

1. Prevent Aging

In a study conducted in 2005, researchers found that Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than any other dietary source. Even if that has changed over the past decade, this finding is testament to the antioxidant powerhouse that is coffee. Antioxidants are key in fighting off certain diseases, like Parkinson’s, colon cancer, type-2 diabetes and liver cancer. But antioxidants go beyond internal health and actually keep you looking young! Antioxidants prevent wrinkles and pigmentation associated with aging.

2. De-Puff

Do you ever wake up with unforgivably obvious under-eye bags or puffy skin all over? Facial water retention is quiet common and now coffee can help. Applied topically, coffee will help to tighten and reduce under-eye puffiness by restricting blood flow to the affected area. Look for natural skin products enhanced with coffee beans or make your own coffee skin products to achieve that tout look.

3. Brighten

Even though coffee beans are quiet dark, their grounds brighten the skin. Coffee grounds contain acid, which acts as a type of chemical exfoliater, clearing the skin of dead skin cells and other residues and revealing a cleaner and brighter complexion. Soak coffee grounds in warm water. Scoop up the grounds and scrub them across your face. Rinse and dry.

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