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3 Centering Crystal Gifts to Give Your BFF for the Holidays

Crystal Gifts

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Whether or not you believe the hype that crystals have any healing powers or beautifying benefits, crystals and crystal-infused products are incredibly popular this year.

If you have a friend who never forgets to charge her crystals under a full moon and swears her stones’ healing powers are valid, she’ll adore any of the following crystal gifts.

3 Crystal Holiday Gifts

Crystal gifts for the body.

1. Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts

Andrea Sazwan, a chartered herbalist and Reiki master healer, is the founder of Crystal Hills, a wellness brand that harnesses crystal healing properties.

The skincare brand sustainably sources from its own farm in Okanagan Valley, Canada. According to a brand representative, Crystal Hills is certified for its flowers, herbs, and high-vibration crystals “that are synergistically blended to cleanse, soothe, and protect skin." The brand’s products are formulated with pure ingredients free of chemicals, artificial fragrances, and synthetic additives. It’s also vegan, organic, and non-GMO.

We chose to highlight the brand’s Crystal Moon Goddess Bath Salts because winter is the best time to take a bath, relax, and center one’s self. This bath blend contains quartz—a crystal that can amplify energy and harmonize the body’s chakras—white tea, marshmallow, elderflower, jasmine, and ashwagandha. Priced at $44.

Crystal gifts to help you stay hydrated.

2. Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

Staying hydrated and centered is incredibly important this time of year. Thankfully, this water bottle can help you achieve hydration and calm.

The Glacce water bottle contains a pure crystal stone. Each time you fill your water bottle, you create an elixir that can help revitalize and clarify the mind and body. Each bottle contains a different crystal. In addition, each crystal can help you achieve different things.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Clear quartz: This stone promotes wisdom and clarity. It also can help balance positive energy, heal, and focus connections.

Rose quartz: This is the stone of unconditional love. It can help a person harness compassion, love, peace, and tenderness. It also boasts healing and nourishing abilities.

Amethyst: This stone can help a person find balance and harness protection.

Smoky quartz: This stone can help a person feel grounded. It also promotes relaxation, protection, and power.

Priced at $84.

Crystal gifts for the beginner.

3. Catherine Rising X UO Palo Santo Crystal Bundle

These are perfect for the friend who is interested in crystals, but doesn't have many stones.

The above Palo Santo Crystal Bundles come from Catherine Rising, a Brooklyn apothecary, and are available in two types. One has an amethyst, a stone that balances and provides protection, and dried lavender. However, the other bundle has citrine, a stone that can help manifest prosperity and happiness, and dried wild flowers. Each bundle also contains two Palo Santo sticks. Burning Palo Santo sticks can energize living spaces. Priced at $18.

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