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3 Early Morning Workouts You Wont Skip

Early morning workouts can be super fun... we promise.

Hey, you. Stop! Don’t hit the alarm. You will feel so, so, so much better if you just get up and get moving. We swear.

Early morning workout routines are tough if you’re one of the many people who doesn’t wake-up as soon as their feet hit the floor. But so many of us end up skipping our lunch or evening workouts because something comes up. Work, family—whatever—something always comes up.

Well, we’re here to remind you that early morning workouts don’t have to be super long, or super difficult—they just have to happen.

We like the following workouts because they are simple, effective and can be done sans gym.

1. The basic run, stretch and weights routine

Author confession: I have done this super easy workout for years. Although, I make sure to switch it up every so often to make sure my muscles don’t get too bored. This workout is incredibly simple, and just requires you to move.

First, make sure you’ve started a pot of coffee, drank a glass of water (bonus if you add lemon or apple cider vinegar) and ate something light, like fruits or nuts before you get moving.

Next, start stretching. Don’t push your body too much—it’s early! Just make sure you make an effort to wake up your muscles.

After stretching, complete a simple body resistance or yoga routine. Using your own weight to work muscles is easy and effective.

After 15 or 20 minutes of resistance training, lace up your runners. I am motivated to get outside and go running because (1) if my dogs don’t run, my life is terrible; (2) I love sunrises; and (3) I love listening to podcasts.

From the Organic Authority Files

I jog/walk for at least 30 minutes every morning and when I return home, I feel good—not too tired or amped—just… good.

2. The short circuit

Workout number two is a bit more regimented, but just as simple to grasp once you get the hang of it.

Shape’s quick, five move workout contains moves that work all the body parts you’d like to firm—your butt, arms, thighs, and stomach.

If you want to make this routine a bit longer or intense, add one, or many, of OA’s “problem area” workouts.

3. The yoga routine

Workout number three is chill, but far from easy.
This short morning yoga routine comes to us via Greatist. It’s different than other yoga workouts because it’s condensed into a short, 15 minute video that you can watch, learn and then do on your own.

Not a beginner or want a longer practice? Add this 7-Step Morning Yoga Practice we published a bit ago.

And remember: when all else fails, just go for a walk.

Don’t shame yourself for not breaking a sweat and just promise yourself that you’ll get up and going tomorrow.

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