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3 Natural Color Boosters For Your Lips and Cheeks

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It’s winter, ladies. And although un-tanned skin is healthy, our dry, winter-worn faces can look a bit blah. Combat those wintery, flat hues with a few natural, color amping beauty products. The following DIY beauty concoctions will bring natural color to your lips and cheeks.

1. Beat skins blahs with beets

This natural cheek and lip stain is courtesy of Free People’s BLDG 25 Blog.


1 beet (preferably organic)
3 tablespoons vegetable glycerin (I got mine at Whole Foods)
Vegetable peeler
Double boiler (or pot with smaller bowl)
Glass container with lid


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From the Organic Authority Files

Peel beets and cut into cubes. Cubes should be small, but large enough that they won’t fit through the funnel. Add vegetable glycerin and beets to the double boiler. Let simmer for at least 20 minutes (for subtle colored makeup. For a bolder color, leave the mixture on the stove for longer.) After about 20 minutes, remove the pot from heat and funnel liquid into a glass container. Let the mixture cool completely before applying to skin. Apply by dipping a cotton ball or cosmetic sponge into liquid and dab onto lips or cheeks. The blog suggests that you keep the concoction refrigerated and throw away after a month. Also, a wise suggestion: “As with all new products, you should first perform a spot test by applying the makeup somewhere on your body and waiting 24 hours to see how your skin reacts.”

2. Berry beautiful DIY makeup

The Kitchen Beautician over at the Beauty Department wrote this post about a berry-ful lip tint:


3 blackberries
1 raspberry
3 pomegranate seeds
1/2 teaspoon edible oil
A small bowl and spoon (or mortar and pestle)
Fork or sifter to drain, small 5-gram pot/jar with screw top from a craft store


Mash blackberries and raspberry in the bowl with the back of spoon. Add pomegranate juice to the mixture by individually squeezing seeds between your thumb and index fingers over bowl. Pour olive oil into bowl and stir everything together with spoon. Finish by draining liquid from mixture into the small, portable jar. For application, use fingers, a lip brush, or a Q-tip. Refrigerate mixture so it keeps longer.

3. Natural cranberry lip stain

Grabbed this one from Organic Authority’s archives. It’s simple, to the point and portable!

Image: Orofacial

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