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3 Ways an Essential Oil Diffuser Totally Changed My Life

3 Ways An Essential Oil Diffuser Changed My Life


For the past year, I have been using an essential oil diffuser in my home and the benefits have been nothing short of amazing. Just a simple push of a button and my sleep has improved, stress has been reduced, and my allergies have eased.

What is an Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a humidifier that you can add essential oils to and it disperses them into the air in steam form. Many of them, mine included, have a timer and colored lights that are optional. I love using the timer function before bed so it remains on until I am fast asleep.

To use an essential oil diffuser, you’ll need to stock up on essential oils. I avoid DoTerra and Young Living because the multi-level component and claims of superiority seem a bit gimmicky to me. I prefer buying my essential oils from Sprouts or Whole Foods Market. You can also order certified organic essential oils online from Mountain Rose Herbs.

3 Benefits From Using An Essential Oil Diffuser

1. Improved Sleep

The first major benefit I experienced from my diffuser was a vast improvement in my sleep. For years I’ve heard roommates report that I am an avid sleep talker. Although I never remembered these instances, I couldn’t help but feel it was inhibiting my sleep quality.

Once I started using my essential oil diffuser, I gradually stopped sleep talking. Ever since I started using one, I sleep far more soundly through the night. If I wake up in the night, I just turn it back on and am able to drift back to sleep quickly.

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Lavender essential oil is key for improving your sleep with an oil diffuser. It’s an essential oil I highly recommend since it may help with both sleep improvement and stress reduction.

2. Reduced Stress

The calming aromas of lavender and peppermint are exactly what a stressful day calls for. I've noticed a significant decrease in my stress levels since I started putting those oils in my diffuser. Though an oil diffuser can’t completely rid you of stress, it definitely seems to ease it for me.

If I’m feeling stressed, I pour in some water and add a few drops of lavender, and peppermint oil into my diffuser and try to relax. It’s also extremely helpful to use before bed so are you are able to drift off to sleep without mentally hashing out your stress.

3. Allergy and Sinus Relief

For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from allergies. The culprits for me are pets, dust, and pollen; all of which are so easy to encounter on a daily basis. Often my allergies caused congestion which would then lead to a sinus infection. Since I avoid taking medicines, I tried to fight it naturally with a neti pot, but didn't get much relief.

But then, after I got an essential oil diffuser, I noticed the symptoms of my allergies were less severe. I have less congestion and haven’t encountered sinus infections since using it.

Now, if I notice my allergies are flaring up, I just turn on my diffuser. I love using peppermint, tea tree, and eucalyptus essential oils in the diffuser. Both tea tree and eucalyptus have antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties so it's great to use when fighting allergies and viruses. Peppermint, on the other hand, helps open up sinuses to relieve congestion.

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