4 Natural Toothpastes You’ll Love for a Healthy Smile

4 Natural Toothpastes You'll Love for a Healthy Smile

Having trouble ditching your favorite chemical toothpaste? If you like the look and feel your toxic paste gives but hate the harmful ingredients, fear not. Here’s why you want to make the switch to natural toothpaste, plus an introduction to your new sparkling smile posse.

Yes, the list of chemicals in beauty and personal care products you need to avoid is long. And sometimes these naughty synthetics lurk where we least expect them.

From talc in powder to harmful chemical sunscreens, conventional beauty can find a way to sneak in toxic ingredients. Do you know what’s in your toothpaste? Sure, there is the fluoride issue. But did you know most conventional pastes also contain sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners and colorants, and triclosan?

What the heck is SLS doing in your toothpaste? Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is used in personal care products to make them sudsy. This ingredient is often added to mainstream toothpaste to give that foaminess we’ve come to associate with a super clean feel.

SLS is a penetration enhancer that allows other chemicals to be more easily absorbed into the body. Beyond that this surfactant is also found to cause skin irritation and allergic reaction.

We know that artificial colorants are on the list of ingredients to avoid, and artificial sweeteners are chemical cocktails that certainly are not natural. Unfortunately, most children’s toothpastes contain plenty of fake color and sweetening ingredients in attempt to get kids to brush their teeth.

As for triclosan. This strong ingredient is widely used in hospitals as an antibacterial. It has garnered media attention as an ingredient being unnecessarily added to hand soaps and other personal care products designed for home use. Tricolosan has been linked to dioxin contamination, allergic reactions, and irritation, and certainly has no place in toothpaste.

Take away the sudsiness, sweetness, and antibacterial ingredients and what do you have left? There are plenty of healthy ingredients that work great to get teeth clean and maintain good oral hygiene. Salt, baking soda, clay, and even charcoal are used to make effective natural toothpastes that are 100 percent safe.

You may have used a natural toothpaste in the past with unsatisfactory results. I’m with you. Who wants to use a healthy product and live with teeth that don’t look or feel clean?

Following are four natural toothpastes that are free from nasty ingredients and leave your mouth fresh and teeth white and clean. No gummy residue or grittiness, just a healthy smile.

4 Natural Toothpastes You Will Love

BOKA Natural Toothpaste

1. Boka Absolutely the best toothpaste I have tried, natural or no. Boka is smooth and leaves behind a super clean feel and mild minty taste. I swear my teeth look whiter since I’ve been using this product. Highly recommend this brand.

Weleda Salt Toothpaste

2. Weleda Salt Toothpaste This salt-based toothpaste contains baking soda to whiten teeth and myrrh for healthy gums. Leaves behind a fresh, minty taste.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Toothpaste For those who like a mild tasting toothpaste, this is it. Super gentle formula contains aloe and coconut oil.

Living Libations Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste

4. Living Libations Happy Gums Clay Toothpaste Made with clay and coconut oil, plus essential and plant oils, this little pot of paste keeps teeth and gums happy. Removes stains from teeth but is super gentle. Pleasant cinnamon taste.

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