5 Healthy Skin Tips to Keep Summer in Your Soul, Not Your Skin!


You already know the rules for maintaining healthy skin all summer long, right? You’ve been diligently moisturizing, using sunscreen and cleansing your skin for the past few months…Or maybe you’ve let that regimen you planned out in June fall to the wayside by now. These healthy skin tips can help you transition into fall while keeping your summer glow in tact.

These 5 healthy skin tips will help get your skin into tip-top shape for the cooler weather on the horizon.

1. Exfoliate

The summer damage we inflict on our skin due to sun exposure and swimming can create a build-up of dry skin cells, not to mention products like sunscreen and moisturizer. Give your skin a break — and a chance to shine! — and exfoliate using a natural or homemade exfoliant. Exfoliating will slough off dead skin cells and refresh your skin for the new season.

And don’t neglect the rough skin on your feet! Use our homemade foot scrub to make sure that skin is nice and soft as well.

2. Put on a Mask

Our summertime activities tend to involve robbing skin of natural oils: from tanning to swimming to upping our showers to two a day when it’s hot out. It’s time to replenish your skin’s natural oils with a mask. We have a selection of 9 homemade face masks that are easy to make and use and will help your skin glowing again.

3. Pick a Transitional Moisturizer

In the summer, you need a lighter moisturizer due to the natural oil production of your skin. But as summer fades away, it’s time to pick a richer moisturizer for the dryer weather to come.

At this point in the year, you can hang onto your daytime moisturizer, which should have an SPF of at least 15 and be light enough for hot weather. But at night, you may want to switch to a richer cream to help your skin hold onto necessary moisture and replenish what has been lost this season.

4. Switch Cleansers

With the heat of summer, you may be washing your face once or twice every day. But as fall approaches, you might want to cut back; when to wash your face depends on your skin type, but natural oils need to replenish themselves (or use facial oils to help), so if you can, cut back to once a day.

As you change your face-washing rhythm, you should also be changing your face wash. Not only will you need one richer in moisture for the upcoming months, but it’s a good idea to change your cleanser every so often to ensure that your skin doesn’t get too accustomed to the one you’re using.

5. Pump up the Vitamins

Replenish all of the lost vitamins from the season by including vitamins in your skin-care regime. While we absorb many necessary vitamins through our diets, applied topically, certain vitamins like A, B3, C, E and K can help renew your skin as well. Choose the ones that best suit your skin type, and watch your skin glow!

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