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5 (More) Hilarious Comedy Podcasts to Keep You Laughing

Comdey podcasts.

In case you weren’t aware, podcasts are a thing. In fact, some podcasts can boast about having more listeners and followers than many television shows have viewers these days. The categories of podcasts run the gamut too. From true crime and interview-style shows to podcasts all about pop culture and food. My favorite category to pass the time stuck in traffic, waiting on line, and while cleaning the house is by far comedy podcasts.

Besides true crime, comedy podcasts are one of the largest and most popular podcast categories. That makes sense too--people love tragedy and drama, but they also love to laugh.

If you are new to podcast listening--don’t worry, it’s easy as pie. Simply open a podcast app on your Android or Apple device and listen away. Both platforms come with built-in podcast apps, but there are others out there once you’ve gotten the hang of listening and following podcasts.

And whether your humor tends toward the bizarre, the surreal, the raunchy, or the silly, there is a podcast for you. Here are just some of the latest comedy podcasts that are topping the charts.

5 More Comedy Podcasts

1. “How Did This Get Made” - Hosted by Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas, this podcast pokes extreme fun at some of the worst movies ever made. It’s like “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” but funny and not for only science fiction fans.

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2. “You Made It Weird” - Everybody has secret weirdness, Pete Holmes gets comedians to share theirs. Recent guests include Kenya Barris, the creator or “Blackish” and Jessi Klein, head writer for “Inside Amy Schumer.”

3. “This Week Had Me Like” - TWHML with Caroline Goldfarb is the ultimate guide to all the ridiculousness that is pop culture and celebrity gossip. Fashioned after a roundtable, the podcast features guests that try to deconstruct the best of the weekly pop culture happenings.

4. “Gilmore Guys” - These guys are seriously into “Gilmore Girls.” Kevin T. Porter and newcomer Demi Adejuyigbe go deep into “Gilmore Girls,”complete with special guests to analyze (seriously), praise, mock, and gab about all things Stars Hollow and beyond in their hilarious podcast.

5. “The Bugle” - A satirical podcast from John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman that’s been around since 2007. If you like John Oliver’s HBO show, then you should probably listen to this podcast.

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