5 Natural Sun Damage Repair Saviors for Sun-Kissed Skin

5 Natural Sun Damage Repair Saviors for Sunkissed Skin

As much as we go to lengths to avoid sunburn and general sun damage to skin, most of us still like to get a little sun-kissed during summer. While it’s true that any kind of tan is still damage to the skin, there are also huge benefits to sun exposure such as vitamin D production, so allowing yourself to indulge in sensible sunbathing shouldn’t make you feel guilty.

Instead, with the right skincare regimen, there are ways to minimize the impact of the sun on skin, and still reap the rewards of catching a few rays. The plant world is plentiful with compounds that can provide sun damage repair, so take a few of these natural beauty products for a spin to provide skin with relief and recovery time this summer.

5 Natural Skincare Treats For Sun-Touched Skin

1. Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Serum: Sun Damage Repair

Free radicals are a no-no when it comes to keeping skin healthy, and exposure to UVA and UVB rays create an abundance of them. The best way to counteract free radicals? Antioxidants, and lots of them. Thankfully, Laurel Skincare know exactly how to concoct a potent brew brimming with botanicals that are high in this skin savior. Carotenoid-rich oils like rosehip, raspberry seed, and seabuckthorn are some of the main defenders here, while extracts like calendula and chamomile provide some after sun care with their soothing benefits.

2. Osea Sea Minerals Mist

Not much can top the feeling of a cool spray on hot, sun-soaked skin. This particular mist doesn’t just provide relief on the surface though. Various organic algae and seaweed extracts are the secrets to sun damage repair here as they give skin a helping hand with cell regeneration thanks to compounds such as polysaccharides. Let’s not forget the addition of aloe vera; skin’s hydrating bestie in the summer!

3. Marie Veronique Redness Relief Serum 

While you may avoid any real sunburn with sun protection, sometimes reactive skin can become a touch red from the summer sun regardless, especially when heat is added into the equation. Marie Veronique are masters at formulating targeted serums, and this little bottle is packed with everything you need to calm a flushed and irritated complexion. Sodium salicylate is the hero anti-inflammatory here for calming redness, while antioxidant lycopene helps with sun damage repair.

4. Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask

After a long day in the sun, skin deserves all the extra care and attention it can get. Let this creamy face mask work its magic with a gentle touch. With only a small amount of kaolin clay sans any exfoliators, its prime purpose is to inject moisture back into the skin with nourishing oils and butters, which is always a plus for sun-kissed dehydrated skin. Star ingredient, rosehip oil, is not only rich in antioxidants, but its natural abundance of vitamin c can help restore collagen in the skin which can be affected by sun exposure.

5. Ilia Beauty Cucumber Water Stick

If the name isn’t tempting enough (because cucumber water is a small form of genius), listen up. Ilia must have figured that if it hadn’t been done yet, they may as well go ahead and do it, because a stick toner may just be the best thing about your summer, alongside our aforementioned favorite drink of course. Sprays are great, but traveling with sprays is not so great. Besides the leakage issues, there’s always the dilemma of whether or not to suffer hot sticky skin, or risk spraying the person next to you in the eyes on transit (always the hottest, stickiest place in any city.) This is no gimmick though, as there is the all important aloe to cool and hydrate, while seabuckthorn, green tea, and chamomile extracts will take care of recovery post sun exposure.

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