5 Totally Sustainable Yoga Gear Musts That Can Handle Your Summer Sweat

5 Totally Sustainable Yoga Gear Musts That Can Handle Your Summer Sweat

Your yoga practice pushes you physically and mentally. But let’s face it — when summer is in full swing, your yoga wear takes an extra beating.

So, we reached out to sustainable yoga wear and accessory designers to find out what pieces can take sweaty, summer yoga sessions. You’re going to love what we uncovered.

1. The Moon’s Woodswalker “Afterglow” Leggings

The Moon is a slow-fashion, natural-dye fashion house based in Oakland, California. Cassidy Wright and Cory Gunter founded the company to create feminine clothing that honors nature.

All of The Moon’s pieces are made from natural fibers — wool, hemp, silk, and organic cotton — and are dyed by hand with natural plant dyes derived from leaves, bark, roots, flowers, and extracts.

The Moon’s Woodswalker “Afterglow” Leggings are naturally stretchy and contain no spandex, so, they are biodegradable. These leggings are constructed of 90 percent Merino wool and 10 percent silk. They are constructed to last a long time. The “Afterglow” style is dyed with garden grown leaves. Available in XS through XL. Priced at $200.

Sustainable yoga wear leggings.

2. Tavi Noir’s Savvy Grip Socks

Tavi Noir carries a diverse line of luxurious socks with three life essentials in mind: function, flow, and fashion. The company’s grip socks are equipped with bottoms that are perfect for holding yoga poses.

The deck of a surf board helped inspire these socks’ triangle design. Charlotte Hobgood, the company’s founder, got the idea for this pair’s print from CJ Hobgood, her husband and pro-surfer. This pair of socks is BPA-free, features arch support, and a heel tab. Also: These socks are made of organic cotton. Available in S through L. Priced at $12-14.

Sustainable yoga wear leggings.

3. Encircled’s Wanderer Sleeveless T

The Wanderer Sleeveless T” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Encircled’s goal is to help women dress fashionably and live minimally. Basic, comfortable pieces that are sustainable is what Encircled does best.

Kristi Soomer, the brand’s founder, sells many essential yoga pieces that are versatile. All of Encircled’s wears are ethically-made in Toronto and composed of sustainable fabrics. And some of the brand’s items are upcycled from the company’s cuttings from the production process.

The Wanderer Sleeveless T is made from a modal blend. So, this piece is lightweight. And the shirt looks great tucked in or out of pants or a skirt — perfect for inside and outside of the yoga studio. Available in XS through XXL. Priced at $23.

Sustainable yoga wear leggings.

4. CorkyYogis’ Classic Yogi Cork Yoga Mat

CorkyYogis, a London-based company, sells eco-friendly, sustainable cork yoga mats and yoga accessories. And every purchase made from the company helps support education and employment for human trafficking survivors in North India.

CorkyYogi’s no-slip yoga mats are made of cork that’s harvested from the bark of cork trees. In addition, each mat is flexible, features a rubber bottom, and is 68 x 24 inches and 3mm thick. Priced at $85.86.

Sustainable yoga wear leggings.

5. PACT Organic’s Raceback Lounge Bra

PACT Organic’s pieces are constructed with the Earth’s health in mind. In addition to using organic cotton to ease the burden on the planet, the company uses organic cotton to improve the health of cotton farmers and factory workers.

The Racerback Bra is 95 percent organic cotton. And the cotton is certified fair trade and made of five percent Elastane. Also: The bra features a double-layer front for added coverage, a super-soft and supportive under-bust elastic, and no-rub elastic binding on its armholes and neck. Sized from XS to XL. Priced at $22.99.

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