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5 Regional Wellness and Detox Retreats to Revitalize Your Body From the Inside Out

5 Regional Wellness Retreats


Between work, family, school, and social obligations, we are busier than ever before. In fact, even our time off has started to feel stressful. Rushing from landmark to landmark, fitting in as many activities as possible, and the arduous task of packing, taking flight, and then unpacking at home can actually make a vacation seem more like work. So it comes as no surprise that the wellness and detox industry is booming--to the tune of $3.7 trillion globally, according to the Global Wellness Institute.

And while those numbers are astounding, indicating that the health-oriented vacation industry is thriving, it also serves as a sort of wake up call, “Hello out there, it’s time to slow down!” Even if that means jumping on the wellness trip bandwagon--which we totally recommend. In fact, if you haven’t already guessed, this article is all about amazing and inspiring wellness and detox retreats from coast-to-coast. Skip the plane and take a road trip, or a drive up the street, to one of these inspiring reprieves that are practically in your own backyard.

1. Golden Door

Golden Door

Described by happy patrons as “a place to have absolute peace,” the Golden Door retreat in San Marcos, California, only asks that you think about your personal journey to better mental, physical, and spiritual health. This zen-like spa is heavily influenced by Asian culture. Nestled among Japanese gardens on 600 acres, this inclusive retreat offers complimentary perks, like basic clothing and hiking accessories, a robe, and skincare products, so you don’t have to stress about packing. Staff is on-hand at a 4:1 ratio, ensuring your every need is met during your stay. Other amenities include daily in-room massages, roundtrip transportation to local airports, a personalized meal plan with produce grown on the spa’s bio-intensive farms, personal training sessions, and more.

2. Ayurveda Health Retreat

Ayurveda Health Retreat

Located in a scenic, rural part of the Sunshine State, this remote Alachua, Florida, spa specializes in detoxification, yoga, and ayurveda. The perfect place to get away from it all, this wellness spa offers all-inclusive packages for an easy, stress-free stay, as well as a la carte services. The Traditional Panchakarma, Royal Spa Panchakarma, and R&R Retreat packages all include two to two and a half hours of detoxifying treatments, like Abhyanga massage, Swedhana aromatherapy steam baths, Nasya nasal therapy, Shirodhara warm oils drips, and more. In addition to the spa services, you'll also receive three vegetarian meals per day, a private room, daily meditation classes, and Ayurvedic cooking classes on Saturday evenings.

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3. Cloud Mountain

Cloud Mountain

Escape to the northwest by participating in one of Cloud Mountain’s instructor-led meditation retreats. Different compared to the others on this list, you must sign up for the retreat that interests you--and while the resort does offer lodging, and gorgeous, wooded surrounds, these wellness reprieves will be unlike the amenity-filled vacations you may be used to. Focused on being mindful, most of the retreats (which are mainly grounded in Theravadin teachings) are held in silence. “You will be asked to refrain not only from speaking, but also from activities like reading, writing and using technology or communication devices,” says the website, promoting the notion that each retreatant will be able “to engage the immediacy of his or her experience in the present moment on deeper and more subtle levels than is normally possible.” Accommodations include single, double, and shared rooms complete with three vegetarian meals served per day, as well as working meditations that require your assistance with daily tasks.

4. Winvian Farm

Winvian Farm

Infused with copious amounts of New England charm, and situated on a sprawling 113-acre farm in Morris, Connecticut, this piece of “heaven on earth” is a luxury retreat experience like no other. Designed to recharge and indulge, you’ll adore this spot if you’re into wellness, but still enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day. With an on-site spa, fitness and yoga classes, and outdoorsy activities, like kayaking swimming, and horseback riding, you can be as active or as passive as you’d like. The accommodations are centered around distinctly different, yet equally endearing, cottages that offer luxurious amenities, including a complimentary seed-to-table breakfast, bikes for getting around, and even fido-friendly lodging, so you can kick back with your favorite four-legged friend.

5. Shambhala Mountain Center

Shambhala Mountain Center

Located high in the Colorado Rockies, this holistic reprieve is situated on a 600-acre mountain valley said to be “surrounded by native forests, gentle meadows, and rocky peaks.” The Shambhala Mountain Center is “home to the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya, one of the most significant examples of sacred architecture in the world,” and it’s here that you can partake in teachings featuring indigenous wisdom traditions, body awareness practices, mindful living, contemplative arts, and other programs, in addition to yoga and meditation, taught by experienced instructors. You are even able to create and customize your own self-guided retreat. Stay here for as little as $79 per night in the tent lodging, or $209 in a private, single-occupant room, all of which include three meals a day.

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