The 7 Best Stress Busting Gifts to Save Your Sanity

Stop the insanity and take a deep breath.
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Stress Relieving Holiday Gifts

The most wonderful time of the year? Try the most stressful. 

The holidays are pure craziness. You’re busy shopping for your loved ones and trying to have some holiday cheer while working extra hours before that vacation you’re holding out for.

The last person you’re thinking about during the holidays is you.

But we all deserve some self-care. (Especially if you’re the one saying you don’t need any gifts this year.) Give yourself the gift of stress relief this holiday season. Whether you get yourself a little something to survive the holidays right now or put a gift in your own stocking, you deserve it.

7 Best Holiday Gifts for Natural Stress Relief

Big or small, these stress relieving tools will help you relax and recharge. 

1. Organic Serenity Weighted Blanket


The holidays are stressful enough without adding lack of sleep to the issue. If you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, you may want to give a weighted blanket a try.

There’s some evidence to suggest that a weighted blanket can help you sleep better. You know that comforting feeling you get when someone gives you a hug? The extra pressure from a weighted blanket replicates that feeling, which may be why a weighted blanket feels so good. 

Even better, this weighted blanket from Serenity is made from organic cotton and plant-based resin beads. Choose from 15, 20, or 25 pounds. The weight you choose depends on what you find most comforting. If you haven’t used a weighted blanket before, try the lightest size.

2. Quiet Mind Anointing Oil


Treat yourself to a stress-free mind this holiday season. While we’re not sure if this anointing oil from Lotus Wei will actually keep you from rehashing how that conversation on your last date could have gone better, the packaging does say it can relieve over-analyzing. It’s worth a shot, at least. 

Either way, this lovely perfume alternative combines essential oils and flower essences all infused in organic jojoba oil. Featuring an easy roll-on application, stick it in your purse to apply to your wrists, neck or behind your ears for those stressful moments that are bound to come up. (Work meetings, holiday shopping, dates where your tongue seems to disconnect from your mind.)

3. Digital Detox Bath


Put down your phone already and soak away your stress with this bath soak from Pursoma. We love that this beauty soak only has two—but still fabulous—ingredients: French green clay and French grey sea salt. (Of course they’re fabulous; they’re French.)

The green clay absorbs nasty toxins and impurities from your skin (think unhealthy radiation from all the digital devices in your life). And it doesn’t undergo any chemical treatment or have added preservatives. The sea salt isn’t just any sea salt either. This one has a high mineral content and is hand-harvested without refining or using chemical additives.

The two make for a powerful resetting combo. You’ll feel so relaxed you won’t even want to mindlessly scroll through your phone. After you emerge blissed out from the tub, don’t worry about a clogged drain. Pursoma’s clay dissolves fully in water.

4. The PETAL Hydrating Mask


Nothing says indulge yourself like a facial mask. It’s something you can do just for you--and your skin. This hydrating mask from Mahalo is even gentle enough to use as a daily ritual.

It may look like a smoothie, but this hydrating mask is a sweet treat for your face. Raw Hawaiian and manuka honey star in this facial mask recipe, providing extra nourishment for your skin. The handcrafted blend also includes essential oils, white clay, and rose clay. 

What’s even better, there’s no plastic packaging on this beauty product. Adding to the luxurious experience, the mask comes in a glass jar encased in renewable bamboo.

5. Ellis Brooklyn Candle


Candles made from nasty paraffin wax and scented with holiday-themed-but-undisclosed synthetic fragrances aren’t going to give you stress relief this holiday season. They’re more likely to make your allergies flare up.

Breathe easy and treat yourself to a non-toxic candle for the holidays. These candles from Ellis Brooklyn feature a soy wax blend made using domestically grown soy, a cotton wick, and they come housed in sleek handmade containers made from recycled glass.

For even more fun, choose your scent based on the line’s literary-inspired themes, including Verb, Pseudonym, Fable, and Superego. 

6. Polishing Body Brush


While you may receive a candle or a beauty product as a gift this holiday season, treat yourself to something you know no one is going to wrap up for you. This dry brush from Aromatherapy Associates is a beauty buy just for you.

If you haven’t tried dry brushing before, it helps exfoliate dry, flaky winter skin and increases circulation. Dry brushing works just like it sounds. Before showering, gently brush your skin in a circular motion from your feet up your body toward your heart. 

This brush features a grippy handle and fits nicely in your palm. Made from cactus sisal bristles, it gently removes dead skin naturally.

7. Self Heating Eye Mask


Whether you’re taking a bath or just chilling out, this self heating eye mask from Spacemasks will take relaxation to the next level. Actually, it will give you a good excuse to do nothing but relax. Infused with jasmine for ultimate stress relief, the mask helps reduce tension and relieve tired eyes.

The mask’s iron particles heat naturally when exposed to oxygen, so your mask will start heating as soon as you pull it out of the foil package. Grab a mask for a one-time treat or splurge and opt for a five-count package. (You know you’ll need more than one to get through the holidays.)

8. Organic Cotton Percale Sheet Set


You’ll want to take a long winter’s nap on this 100 percent certified organic cotton sheet set from Alterra Pure.

While a bit of a splurge, this sheet set is what you’ve been looking for. It’s sustainable, free trade certified, and made in LEED-certified factories. The organic cotton used in the sheets is verified from start to finish. That’s one less thing you have to stress about. 

These sheets are made to last and will only get softer with age. Choose from white or gray.

9. Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment


Feel like a moon goddess when you rub on this dreamy purple night cream from Herbivore Botanicals. It may look like a mask, but this vegan, cruelty-free cream is meant to rub into your skin right before bed. You can even use a facial oil after the cream.

Key ingredients like aloe leaf juice, kokum butter, and organic shea butter lock in hydration to nourish skin. But where does that purple hue come from? The cream gets its pastel color from natural indigo root powder and a hint of mangenese violet and ultramarine, which are natural colorants.

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