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7 Effortless Hair Hacks for Lazy Mornings

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If we were keep track of how much time we spend thinking about how to wear our hair, never mind actually making it look that way, I'm sure our jaws would drop to the floor. That's where hair hacks really come in handy: I mean, on your days off you don't want to spend a lot of time getting ready, but you want to look like you did, amiright?

Here are 7 simple hair hacks that look wonderfully complicated:

Image: Beauty Darling

fake bangs hair hacks

1. Fake Bangs

Bangs without having to cut your hair? Count me in! It's a great way to test them out if you're not sure you're ready to go all Zooey Deschanel.

Image: Listoic

double ponytail hair hacks

2. Ponytail 2.0

Make your ponytail look lux (and like, way longer) by piling one on top of the other.

Image: LoveThisPic

easy updo hair hacks

3. Do the Splits

Just split, tie, twist and clip!

Image: Rotten Panda

headband hair hacks

4. Roll Over

I love this hair hack for the simple fact that it'll also keep your headband in place: All you have to do is tuck and roll your hair around it at the bottom and voila!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Image: Barefoot Blonde

half braid hair hacks

5. Half Braid

This is one of those hair hacks that would look especially chic with second day hair and effortlessly stylish. Get the full tutorial here.

Image: GleamItUp

low ponytail hair hacks

6. Low Ponytail

Classic and fierce, this low ponytail will make you feel like you're walking your very own runway.

Image: A Cup of Joe

messy side pony hair hacks

7. Messy Side Pony

Finally, my partner in crime: The messy side pony. It makes you feel all, "Yep, I totally just woke up this way." Get the full tutorial here.

What are your favorite go-to hair hacks?

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