8 Unisex Beauty Buys You Can Share with Him (And Save!)


Have the men in your life been known to sneak into your natural beauty stash? We don’t blame them. Luckily, there are plenty of eco unisex beauty products that can diffuse the situation.

While the beauty industry loves nothing more than to label products according to gender, much of what is on the market can be used for anyone who has, you know, skin. Try telling that to your other half though when you hand over your floral face cream!

Thankfully, we’ve hunted down the best unisex products within eco beauty where the scents, purposes, packaging and marketing are gender fluid. Forget doubling-up on those bathroom essentials, just share!

8 Unisex Beauty Products that Do it All

1. Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia & Geranium Blossom

Apothecary style beauty has buckets of appeal for both sexes, so what better way to start the list than natural beauty’s answer to this trend. The entire range is worth a look in for both men and women, but start with this essential daily moisturizer. With a light texture that sinks in instantly, it provides vital hydration for all skin types.

2. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Organic Shaving Soap

Get him to ditch the fluorescent green foam for something truly green – and there’s plenty to go around with Dr. Bronner’s generous portions. A gel that massages into the skin and gently lathers, it leaves your face, legs, pits, and wherever else you take a razor to, feel soothed rather than stripped and irritated.

3. Intelligent Nutrients PurePlenty Exfoliating Shampoo

Be gone Head & Shoulders! This sophisticated au naturel shampoo will keep the scalp healthy and clarified, without harshly stripping out the natural oils. Over time expect to see dandruff subside while hair and scalp stay beautifully balanced. Have long, fine locks? The exfoliating power of this shampoo also means your do’ will benefit from a volume boost thanks to the lack of build-up weighing it down at the roots.

4. Nuori Vital Eye Cream

No one is immune to fine lines, not to mention the urge to smooth them back out. Swedish beauty formulators Nuori may have nailed the minimalist (ungendered) look, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this eye cream doesn’t pack a punch. Highly nourishing thanks to the plant power of squalene, shea butter, and apricot oil, this cream instantly plumps the delicate skin around the eyes without leaving any residue behind.

5. Plant Wake Up Organic Bodywash

Free from skin-irritating nasties like SLS, this invigorating body wash will give you a bit of extra space in the shower. The utilitarian squeezy bottle may be fuss-free, but it still manages to strike the middle ground between masculine and feminine. And the smell? We dare anyone to resist the refreshing combination of lemongrass and rosemary.

6. Fig + Yarrow Bath + Body Oil Woods

Body oil may sound a little high maintenance for most guys, but pop it into a nice relaxing bath and moisturizing suddenly becomes effortless! The earthy essential oil blend made up of cypress, cedar, vetiver, and other grounding notes, which will fill the bathroom with a scent that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Even better, it will linger as a subtle fragrance on the skin post-soak (and just apply more if you want a stronger scent.)

7. Province Apothecary Sex Oil

Safe and gentle enough to use all over, this one is made for getting up close and personal. Pure coconut oil is paired with certified organic sunflower and evening primrose oils to leave skin feeling silky smooth. Perfect excuse for a massage? The lack of fragrance also means it’s perfectly suited to the most delicate parts of the body and won’t kill the mood with any overpowering scents.

8. Josh Rosebrook Styling Cream

Most of us don’t go through styling products too quickly. The solution? Share of course. Ultra-versatile, this styling cream is the not-so-secret weapon for the job. Use it on all hair types, dried or damp, in multiple ways. Go for hold (minus the crunch) on shorter hair to create a defined style, or apply it to smooth down frizz and flyaway on longer styles. All of this while the botanical ingredients work their magic to keep locks in tip top condition!

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