8 Date Night Beauty Products You’ll Love

coil ring

If there’s one thing we women take seriously, it’s date night. It’s a night to shake things up and try new things with your guy—so why not do some experimenting with your beauty products too? And while we don’t need another reason to splurge on the latest beauty products du jour, one more won’t hurt. (You know I’m right.)

Here are 8 date night beauty products that are dayuuum with a side of grrr, baby:

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1. Skin Renue Essential Oil

If your skin’s been looking a little tired, don’t fret: Skin Renue Essential Oil by ELANVEDA is an all-natural oil blend that helps soften existing wrinkles while minimizing the formation of new ones. It will leave your skin all kinds of soft and glowy for your date night.

hydrating manuka mask

2. Hydrating Manuka Mask

Getting ready for a night out on the town means taking the time to pamper yourself—and not to peer pressure you or anything, but you should totally try the Hydrating Manuka Mask by Airelle Skincare. Its antioxidant-rich formula will hydrate and refresh your skin like no other.

organic sugar body scrub

3. Organic Sugar Body Scrub

This organic sugar body scrub by S.W. Basics of Brooklyn has become known as “dessert for your skin.” And should this blend of organic coconut oil, organic demerara sugar and organic shredded coconut put you on the path to actual dessert… well, you’re welcome.

rms beauty volumizing mascara

4. RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara

Because you’re going to be doing the whole smouldering stare thing all night, you’re going to need lashes to match. RMS Beauty’s volumizing mascara combines organic plant waxes and select raw minerals to help shape your lashes and intensity fullness—without having to deal with icky things like flaking, smudging or clumping.

occ lip tar in stalker

5. OCC Lip Tar

There’s only one way to describe Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics‘ lip tar: Bad. Ass. This vegan matte liquid lipstick is made with hemp oil—and the finish feels as good as it looks.

infinite love elixir

6. Infinite Love Elixir

Set yourself up for a night of good vibrations (wink, wink) with the Infinite Love Elixir by Lotus Wei, which helps encourage unconditional love and affection.

butter london pistol pink

7. Butter London Nail Lacquer

Nothing looks hotter than a freshly painted mani wrapped around a wine glass. Go bold and try Butter London Nail Lacquer in Pistol Pink. You’ll love the rock star-inspired magenta shimmer—even if you’re not big on pink. (Trust.)

coil ring

8. Coil Ring

No manicure would be complete without stunning accessories to set it off. This coil ring from Ways of Change totally fits the bill. The ethically sourced fashion brand connects people affected by conflict and migration to a global community. So not only will you look amazing, but you’ll be supporting a good cause.

What date night beauty products do you indulge in?

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