Bad Hair Decade? 8 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Hairdresser

bad hair

Don’t get me wrong: Hair stylists put up with a lot. Day after day, they’re asked to transform their clients’ bad hair into the stuff of miracles, as if it’s possible for someone to get a Gwen Stefani haircut and suddenly morph into her (though wouldn’t that be amazing?). Growing out of your hairdresser is unfortunately possible, especially if she stops meeting your expectations.

Here are 8 signs your bad hair means it’s time to see other hairdressers:

1. You’ve both lost your spark

Like a marriage, your relationship with your stylist can get “too” comfortable: Sure, you have a shorthand and inside jokes, but neither one of you are taking risks anymore. It’s like the movie “Groundhog Day,” only it’s your hair wanting to bathe with a toaster. If you try and reignite the good ol’ days yet you still hear a sad trombone when you look in the mirror, it might be time to put out a personal ad (metaphorically speaking).

2. You have different definitions of the word “trim”

You define trim as just a little something off the ends… and your hairdresser defines it as Britney Spears circa 2007 (otherwise known as the G.I. Jane incident).

3. You come in with different pics, yet leave with the same ‘do

It’s almost as if your stylist only knows how to do one haircut. She checks out the desired looks you tag and seems to have a clear understanding of what you’re after – you know, until she starts cutting. Then it’s like she turns into a stylist bot and you leave with the same bob you got the last time. And the time before that. Your future together is looking bleak.

4. She gives you not-so-subtle looks of shame

Okay, so you attempted to trim your split ends to save coin and your hair looks a tad uneven – so what? Getting your hair did is pricey and your stylist should be understanding of that. What good is a hot hairdo on a homeless chick? That’s what I thought.

5. You always leave feeling like something’s slightly… off

Okay, so you’re not leaving with bad hair per se, but you’re not leaving with a Queen Bey strut, either. Every time your appointment’s over, there’s just something about your new ‘do that doesn’t feel right. Whether your color’s too gold or not gold enough, or whether you’re not a fan of highlights yet you just spent a fortune on them, it’s clearly not a match made in heaven.

6. She’s never on time for your appointment

Time management doesn’t seem to be her forte. You spend so long waiting for her to finish with her current client that you now have grays to cover.

7. She forgets about you under the dryer

“Hello? Is anybody out there? Is my scalp supposed to be burning?”

8. She’s always “away”

Every single time you call to set an appointment, you find yourself rearranging your schedule to accommodate hers. If you wanted to turn your life upside down for someone, you’d start dating again. Time to find a stylist who’s more… well, employed.

How do you handle a bad hair appointment? Do you give your stylist second and third chances?

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