BPA: Safe, Unsafe, Makes You Stupid…

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Bisphenol A, otherwise known as BPA, has a sinister reputation. Typically used in the production of hard plastics, BPA has been associated with A LOT of health problems, most recently heart disease, diabetes and liver problems; from The Chicago Tribune.

Oddly, the FDA has been quick to defend the safety of BPA, but they SHOULD be hard-pressed to do it again after new research shows BPA interferes with brain cells, causing depression and memory impairments.

So, it’d be a keen idea to LIMIT your exposure to Bisphenol A. The Knoxville News Sentinel offers up some tips, like buying cardboard cartons instead of plastic and not heating food up in plastic wraps.

Also, Julie’s Health Club shares some uncommonly known sources of BPA. Believe it or not, BPA lurks in things like recycled paper, soda cans and even pizza boxes! So be wary.

Heck! Even the Republicans, not usually known for their environmentalism, distributed BPA-free water bottles at this year’s Republican National Convention—via GreenDaily.

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