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Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Helps Decrease Phthalates!


Our beloved beauty products full of chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm and other nasty health affects? Yuck! Check out our list of ingredients to avoid and read those labels!

On a positive note, The Environmental Working Group's Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has some good news! A recent report shows that some leading beauty companies have been quietly removing phthalates (a set of industrial chemicals linked to birth defects and reproductive harm) from some popular products including perfume and hairspray.

U.S. Today has it:

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From the Organic Authority Files

In the new report, researchers retested 12 perfumes, deodorants and hair sprays that previously had high phthalate levels.

Nine have reduced or eliminated phthalates, the report shows. Two of the products — Secret Sheer Dry Regular deodorant and Arrid XX Dry Ultra Clear Ultra Fresh spray — have no phthalates. And Christian Dior's Poison perfume — which used to contain four types of phthalates — is virtually phthalate-free. Three samples of Poison had undetectable phthalate levels, while a fourth had low levels, according to the report.

Find out more on what to watch for in Laura Klein's article on cosmetics and breast cancer.

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