Can You Use Manuka Honey For Natural Skin Care?

Natural beauty buffs love experimenting with food in the beauty routine. We don’t mind pouring beer in our hair or coating our skin in olive oil in the name of beauty. And, why wouldn’t you whip together a facial mask made out of chocolate and avocado? We’re not afraid to get a little messy in the kitchen…err bathroom, especially if it means finding a creating natural beauty product that works.

Pure raw foods nourish your insides, and they can also feed your skin and hair when applied topically. That’s why I love not only eating avocadoes, pomegranates, cocoa, honey, yogurt and coconut oil, but also slathering them in my skin and hair. (Not all at once of course.)

Lately I’ve noticed a new food-ingredient buzzing around the natural beauty world. Manuka honey. Honey in general is well known for its antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. But some studies have shown that manuka honey, which comes from the nectar of the manuka tree in New Zealand, is even more of an effective healer than other types of honey.

For those of us who despise processed ingredients in our food and beauty care, you can’t get more pure than raw organic manuka honey. It’s just as good for DIY beauty as it is tasty. Raw manuka honey is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can get your skin glowing. Although the jury’s still out on whether manuka honey is powerful enough to fight infections and heal wounds, one thing’s for sure: this ingredient will always be a win in your beauty regimen. Here are a few ways you can use the golden goo to make your own homemade beauty treatments.

How To Use Manuka Honey as a Natural Beauty Enhancer

Use it on breakouts

Reduce the redness and inflammation of breakouts by dabbing manuka honey on the trouble spots. To treat your breakouts overnight, apply a small amount of manuka honey, cover the blemish with a band aid and then cleanse your skin in the morning. The honey will work as an antiseptic, without drying out your skin. You can even increase the antiseptic properties of the honey by mixing it with a drop of tea tree essential oil before applying.

Heal dry skin

Known for her flawless complexion, it’s said that Cleopatra would soak in a bath of milk and honey regularly. Stir a cup of manuka honey into a hot bath for all over softness. You could also add a few tablespoons of manuka honey to melted shea butter or coconut oil for a luxurious lotion. Honey not only moisturizes, but also helps lock in moisture to last longer.

Lightly exfoliate

Manuka honey is an excellent ingredient to add to your regular facial scrub to help gently exfoliate and detoxify skin. It will also keep your face’s delicate skin uber-soft.

Nourish chapped lips

Dip your fingers into a jar and dab manuka honey on your lips for a quick remedy. Just don’t lick it all off! If you want to make your own natural lip balm, add in a tablespoon of manuka honey to our homemade lip balm recipe.

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