10 Clean Beauty Gurus Spill Their Best No-Fail Beauty Tips

new year beauty resolutions

For those of us who aren’t totally satisfied with our beauty routines, even a small commitment can make a big difference – that includes the experts. We grilled the top clean beauty gurus around to find out what they’re doing differently this year.

1. Sarita Coren

Editor of The Hub of Clean Living

“My beauty formula for this year is simple but hard to do: radical self-acceptance. I know it’s not an exciting new product, but when a friend said those three words to me recently, I know that had to be top priority this year. It is the answer to beauty inside and out. Now the question remains: how to write the road map to accomplishing it?”

2. Nicolle Mackinnon

Editorial Manager at EcoDiva Beauty and Green Beauty Content Consultant

“I’ve noticed a significant relationship between my breakouts and my sugar consumption, so in 2017, I’m limiting my sugar intake to minimize blemishes and feel better overall!”

3. Sabrina Di Giulio

Co-founder of Call It Vanity and Clean Cult

“It’s all about toner in 2017. I’ve discovered that it can really make or break your skin, so I’m making sure it becomes a permanent addition to my daily skincare routine. With the right one for your skin type and season (weather and environmental pollutants can play a big part), you see a massive difference in the effectiveness of your other products – basically mega upping your skin game. A lot of people use it purely as an extra cleansing step and astringent, but one sans-alcohol can actually soothe, re-hydrate, and restore the ph of your skin, too.”

4. Amber Felce

Founder of Nectar & Bumble and Amber’s Beauty Talk

“This year my aim is to try to use up more products before I start a new one. One in, one out!”

5. Ericka Rodrigruez

Founder of Axiology Beauty

“Maybe not strictly a resolution, but I’m two months into growing my eyebrows back out. I had the same eyebrow shape since I was 13. I’m growing them out because I’m about to turn 30 and am curious what my eyebrows look like when they’re not plucked or waxed everyday. For me it’s an exercise in acceptance and seeing myself for who I am now!”

6. Amy Saunders

Editor at Skyn.Therapy and Acne Coach

“Be positive. Be patient. This year I plan to make lots of positive micro-changes instead of trying to stick to one massive resolution. Having struggled with acne for over 15 years, I know all too well how hard it can be when searching for the answer to our skin problems.

Whether it’s a new skincare product, diet or supplement, we all want to see results immediately. If we don’t desperation mode kicks in and we move onto the new miracle cure, which doesn’t really exist.

In most cases, skin problems don’t disappear overnight. Our skin needs time to regenerate and blemishes can take up to a hundred days to reach the surface, so any changes we make to our routine must be implemented for three months before knowing if it’s truly working.

Even though I know this to be the case, I’m still often guilty of freaking out when I don’t see immediate results, so I’m going to make it a priority of mine in 2017 to be more patient, positive, and sympathetic to my body’s healing journey.”

7. Lyz Plant

Natural Beauty Coach and Makeup Artist

“I would love to get into oil pulling and charcoal toothpaste! So far I have some Kismet Essentials coconut oil and mint and am currently on the hunt for charcoal. Also, I’m always searching for my new favorite face mask and serum (my favorite products to indulge in) and for makeup I’ll be trying a few new brands to use in my makeup kit so I can pass on the results to everyone on my new blog – something I can’t wait to start out 2017 with.”

8. Elsie Rutterford

Co-founder of Clean Beauty Co. and Clean Cult

“Mine is to make the time for a weekly face mask – the difference it makes to my skin is huge and it also gives me a dedicated hour a week to myself! I’m also vowing to clean my makeup brushes more regularly. I’m awful at remembering and end up breaking out (gross). I use a bit of Dr. Bronner’s wash or antibacterial lavender spray.”

9. Jana Blankenship

Founder of Captain Blankenship

“I’m not one for far flung resolutions, so I like to give myself something that is easy to integrate into my life everyday. For 2017, I want to get more beauty sleep. With two small children it has been hard to get much sleep at all, but I’m going to try by getting into bed earlier each night. Since your body renews and repairs itself while you sleep, more sleep equals radiant skin, brighter eyes and happier mama.”

10. Liz M

Beauty & Life Editor at The Peridot and Editor at Smells Like A Green Spirit

“My beauty resolution is to take better care of my body. That includes being more active, eating healthier, staying hydrated, and having a solid bodycare routine. I’ve had a good skincare routine for years now, but I’m determined to be more consistent with dry brushing and body massages.”

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